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Free Lesson on Chinese People

21 August 2011

An Effective Firewall that Blocks Pop-ups Promoting London-style Riots

The police chiefs in Chongqing work as traffic officers to personally experience the problems on the road.

One of the police chiefs issues a traffic ticket to a traffic offender.

A Huge Internet Bug that Wreaks Havoc on China System


And more intentional lies made by this Internet company:

This company also issues its own virtual currency that can be purchased by minors and trade for real goods online, which is a fantastic way to disturb China's financial system. More of its great service done to alien forces against China's interest can be discovered at

We sincerely urge CIA, Neo-Nazi groups in Japan, Norwegian Christian fundamentalist committee to jointly nominate the the chief founder and the management team of this Chinese company as Nobel Peace Prize 2012 co-candidates.

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