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Free Lesson on Chinese Infrastructure

21 August 2011

In the deep of Mt. Taihang (太行山) in Henan Province bordering Shanxi, there is a mountain peak 1,752m above sea level. Near the peak, there is a little village with a population of hundreds. For generations, the only way for the villagers to meet people other than their neighbours was by climbing down the cliff face 200m in height.

Then in 1972, during the Cultural Revolution, 13 men in the village decided they got enough of the adventure sports and believed they deserve a more dignified channel to communicate with the rest of Chinese in the country. So once again, they climbed down the cliff with their money-generating possessions, that included goats and mountain yams (can't imagine how they did that!!!), and sold them on the market, and with that money they purchased hammers and steel files, and with these simple mechanic tools they worked five years on the cliff and have constructed a 4m wide 1,300m long motor road that connects the village to the world outside.

Nowadays, the world comes to the villagers' doorsteps, as the remote settlement has become a popular tourist destination and the villagers can make living by conducting tourism business. Almost every household provides visitors home accommodation that includes meal-shower facility-phone connection-satellite TV with a total price at around 12 yuans a day. Of course, you also need to pay 20 yuans entry fee at the entrance of the village.

The following are the pictures of another wonderful mountain village in China, located in the outskirts of Chongqing, about 300km from Chengdu by road. The photos were taken and posted at by 麻油3酥:

A hydraulic system in the deep mountain near East Peace, Town Entrance City, in Double Celebration Metropolitan (Chongqing 重庆市城口县东安乡)

A long bridge over a sharp valley

A tiny stone bridge over a shallow mountain stream

A suspension timber bridge by a farmhouse

One day the villagers at East Peace become restless and decide they need to build an extra bridge between the fields in the east and in the west (or in the south and north) to make their life a bit more easier.

It is a collective effort, everyone - young and old, men and women - participates in the work team

Even household livestock contribute their part to the project

The village amateur engineers lay the framework structure of the bridge

The young trainees add soil to hold the bridge together

The bridge starts to take shape

An arched stone bridge in its final construction stage.

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Chongqing or Guangdong?

雨夹雪 (



卢映西 (南京财经学院副教授):




朱明熙 (西南财经大学教授)


柳成湘 (西南大学教育工作者):

前苏联亡党、亡国、民族分裂的历史悲剧会在中国重演吗?今天,这个问题有答案了. 经历了三年风风雨雨的薄熙来与广大干部群众总结的重庆经验,是值得信赖的。重庆实践、重庆经验、乃至重庆模式,都是值得为之共同奋斗的!“如果把这篇文章做好了,我们中国人就是在创造历史,就会对人类发展做出更大贡献”。



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