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British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC)

24 August 2011

The folowing is a message from V.S.:

Recently BBC, CNN and CNBC found themselves in a very embarrassing situation for broadcasting fabricated news made up by an organisation called FBC Media in relation to Palm Oil industry and other controversial issues in Malaysia.

You may find interesting to read the comment on "British Brainwashing Corporation" (BBC) at by Lord Jim:

During the strike by the National Union of Journalists at the BBC in the late 80s, the journalists exposed the fact that journalists in Britain especially those that worked for the BBC were vetted by the MI5.

That said a lot about the integrity and myth of BBC independence.

A list of exposed or suspect MI5-passed journalists of recent decades can be found by search on the net.

The BBC covered Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet, Libya (now) in an unbelievably biased manner, at times resorting to faked imagery like substituting pictures for Kosovo for somewhere else, rallies by Tibetans in Nepal as happening in China, etc etc. It sets the tone and justification for the regime change in Libya in the most disgraceful manner (check that out and keep your mind alert, guys!). It is not brave enough to refuse to go along with the patently dishonest and daft offer of the US military of "embedded" journalism, presumably meaning reporters should sleep with their military - which physically they do! Recently, the BBC had to apologise to Darcus Howe a black author who was interviewed over the riots in London.

The interviewer suggested that Howe had been a rioter in his days, a statement that won the BBC a mouthful about "respect" - Howe raised the issue of endless stop and search by the police, deaths of people in police cells, and police shootings. It is not unlikely the BBC believes its own propaganda that being black automatically means you are a rioter when you should just behave in the plantations!...

BBC Report: U.K. Conflict: Cameron Says London Attackers Quashed

Oops, somebody supplied us with a fabricated story. Apparently the battlefield for the fight between the government and rebels has been moved from London to Tripoli.

We state we are investigating how this BBC material was produced and posted on our website.

We maintain we have strict agreements with all our news providers, including extraterrestrial bodies like UFO and FxxxBxC.

More details on this unfortunate incident can be found at "Conflict: BBC Says FBC Quashed".

The following report we believe should be a little more credible, hope this would make up for our above mistake:

Telegraph Report: Revealed: How the BBC Used MI5 to Vet Thousands of Staff

by Chris Hastings, Arts and Media Editor

Confidential papers, obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, have revealed that the BBC allowed MI5 to investigate the backgrounds and political affiliations of -thousands of its employees, including news readers, reporters and continuity announcers.

The files, which shed light on the BBC's hitherto secret links with the Security Service, show that at one stage it was responsible for vetting 6,300 different BBC posts - almost a third of the total workforce.

They also confirm that the corporation held a list of "subversive organisations" and that evidence of certain kinds of political activity could be a bar to appointment or promotion.

In the early 1980s, the BBC had a list of "major subversive organisations", which included the Communist Party, the Socialist Workers' Party, the Workers' Revolutionary Party, Militant Tendency, the National Front and the British National Party. Read more at

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U.K. Intelligence Spied on UN Staff

Katherine Gun, an intelligence officer at the British government's secret surveillance headquarters, was arrested in March under the Official Secrets Act on charges of passing information to an unauthorised person. She admits she leaked a secret memo to a British newspaper about US-UK government surveillance of the United Nations before the war in Iraq.

The leaked memo that appeared in the Observer newspaper was from US National Security Agency (NSA) official Frank Koza to his counterparts at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Britain where Gun worked as a translator. In the memo, Koza asked GCHQ to help with the secret surveillance of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delegations that were considered to be wavering over the drive to war against Iraq. Read More at

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