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American Music

31 August 2011

Play the heavy metal music in New York

Since 1990 at least 288,000 Arabs were killed by America.

Fanatics can be particularly fanatic in going against other fanatics who fanatically campaign for a course different from theirs.

Looking at how Christian fundamentalists engage endlessly in sectarian wars to enforce upon other Christians their interpretation of the same faith and how democracy fighters instigate tirelessly civil unrest to destroy the status of quo, can anybody detect a speck of love for humanity or respect for human rights in these people?

Not a chance. They are a bunch of hopeless radicals, who decide to fight for a course fanatically, then to find a course to fight for fanatically.

Dictators can be especially outraged by other dictators who insist to preserve their right to dictate.

Judging by the way Washington and NATO conduct their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, can anyone find a trance of desire for freedom and liberty in these leaders?

Nope. They are heartless dictators, who determine to dictate your lives, and are doing so in the name of liberating you from dictatorship.

Here we earnestly recommend to you an eye-opening article published on titled Why They Hate Us? The Muslims Killed by America in the Past 30 Years.

The author claims that he has "deliberately selected 'low-end' estimates for Muslim fatalities, so these figures present the 'best case' for the United States." But even so, "the United States has killed nearly 30 Muslims for every American lost. The real ratio is probably much higher, and a reasonable upper bound for Muslim fatalities (based mostly on higher estimates of 'excess deaths' in Iraq due to the sanctions regime and the post-2003 occupation) is well over one million, equivalent to over 100 Muslim fatalities for every American lost."

Please note, these figures were collected by the end of November 2009. After nearly two more years of carnage, not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in Libya as well, how many more Muslin lives have been destroyed by the U.S. forces is indeed worth everyone who truly respects human rights to ponder.

Face the music in Washington

Washington's power transmitter cracked

Any earthly occurrence is an expression of consciousness, be it individually carved or collectively shaped, and the reason for a particular consciousness to formulate into existence and the trigger for an existing consciousness to be able to express itself is conditioned by the karmic law, the natural effect of cause and consequence, which is the fundamental force in our universe.

Until the cause of a particular consciousness is addressed, its expression cannot be suppressed. When one form of expression of a consciousness with an unresolved issue is blocked out in one occasion, another presentation of this certain consciousness will be articulated sooner or later.

So, is there any sign of repentance from the U.S. regime?

The report by Michael Eisenscher may offer some clues:

2012 U.S. defence budget is the largest since the World War II.

As Washington stumbles toward a catastrophic debt default, we've been told there are two choices - cut back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other social spending or rescind the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and make the corporations pay their share. There's another way - but neither the President nor the Republicans (or most Democrats) have proposed serious reductions in military spending."

59 cents of every discretionary tax dollar in 2012 will go to the military.

While Democrats and Republican are both ready to take axes to the social safety net, the House just voted to give the Pentagon an additional $17 billion over last year's $536 billion base budget, bringing the military portion of the budget to a record-setting $649 billion, which doesn't include $33 billion for nuclear weapons programs in the Energy Department budget and military construction, which are voted on separately.

The Pentagon alone accounts for almost half of global military spending by all countries. Its budget doubled over the past ten years. The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 14 countries combined, including both China and Russia, and 47 times that of the six so-called “rogue” states (Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria). With just 5% of the world's population, ours constitutes 43% of global military spending.

Full report at

Now, do you have a clearer vision in terms of where the United States as a super military empire is actually heading to?

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