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A Chinese Television Host

6 August 2011

A host at China's state-run central television station is an infamous admirer of Mongol butcher Genghis Kahn, one of the biggest mass murderers and war criminals in human history, in the same league with Adolf Hitler. As a proud descendant of a Mongol tribesman and keen promoter of the wolf worship culture, he is known to have a habit to instinctively align himself with perpetrators rather than victims.

And this time he did it again.

When a news spread that a county government in China's northeast has enshrined Japanese semi-military colonists with a memorial wall, he said nothing in condemnation, but when five Chinese men tried to trash the wall amidst the overwhelming online protest from Chinese people who regard it as a gross insult to anti-Japanese resistance heroes and war victims, he wasted little time to jump out to publicly slam the action as a violent act that is "not worthwhile" (what a smart business man he is), "unnecessary" (the wall would fall apart by itself a thousand years later suppose - pity, the Europeans didn't comprehend such wisdom or they could enjoy a Mongol-free life by now without fighting tooth and nail by then), and "not to be encouraged" (doubt how many Chinese need his encouragement to do anything anyway.)







Here are some online responses to the tv host's verbal response on the five Chinese men's physical response over the memorial response for the dead Japanese colonists:

jlslkj (

If this is an unacceptable violence to him, China's resistance war against Japanese invasion must have broken his heart.

按照白岩松的逻辑,抗日战争开枪开炮的,打死了那么多皇军,当然也是属于暴力范畴,为什么不寻求一种非暴力的方式呢?譬如,学学人家汪主席,投靠皇军,搞和平运动,曲线救国? --白岩松,可耻的汉奸![Multipletext: 错,人家不是汉奸,人家本来就是铁木真一伙的]


What do you think you are, baistard! You are not in a position to criticize what the five heroic men did for the nation. I'm a native in this city and I feel ashamed of how some people here have behaved - they are spineless foreign collaborators, and that county is no longer under Chinese administration anyhow.



The precondition for paying back evil for kindness is that the one who committed evil acts feels remorseful for what he did, otherwise, the kind deeds could be taken as the rewards for evil doings which will only encourage him to commit more crimes.

Chinese people's hostility towards Japanese is solely driven by their refusal to acknowledge their war crimes and the suffering they brought to Chinese victims, and by their ongoing attempts to further harm China's national interest. Since Japan fails to redeem its past sins as Germany did, it does not deserve to be forgiven. And it must not be forgiven!


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Another Voice from Chinese over China's Train Crash Incident



中国铁路堪称世界第一,别的不说,每年“春运”流量几千万甚至上亿,铁路在如此短期内完成如此繁复的巨额流量,而且年复一年几十年如一日。这么多年来(尤其是最繁重最复杂的春运期间),铁道部共发生过几次恶性事故?死过多少人?(说国有制的铁路不安全,这又该如何解释?)如此成就世界上其他哪个国家的铁路能比?这难道不是世界奇迹?几十年来什么东西都涨价,成倍甚至成十倍地往上翻:油、房价、教育、卫生、食品、医药……唯独火车票价格维持不变或基本不变 这难道不是事实?


把“铁道部的贪官”与“铁道部”混为一谈不是犯糊涂,而是精心计算好的权术阴谋. 他们口口声声说国有企业公有制是伤亡事故的原因时,可敢回答煤矿私有化后矿难是多了还是少了?可敢回答公路客运私有化后车祸是多了还是少了?可敢回答食品工业私有化后慢性杀人隐形杀人的有毒有害假冒伪劣是多了还是少了?他们在连篇累牍地“关爱”铁道部7.23动车事故中遇难的40条生命时,可曾半点“关爱”过发生在仅仅一天前的京珠高速7.22客车燃烧事故中遇难的41条生命?可曾半点“关爱”过私营煤矿每年那么多矿难遇难工人的生命?怎么不见他们对造成京珠高速7.22客车燃烧事故死亡41条人命的“民营企业家”破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对造成矿难的煤老板破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对制造豆腐渣工程的承包商破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对制造贩卖有毒有害食品药品的黑心厂商破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对搞诸如强制拆迁、欠赖工资之类丧心病狂的“民营企业家”破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对公然杀人放火打砸抢的疆独、藏独破口大骂“他妈的”?怎么不见他们对侵略中国钓鱼岛、南沙群岛、破坏中国领土主权的侵略者破口大骂“他妈的”?抱着洋大腿舔着资本家冲着中国的铁道部破口大骂“他妈的”,算什么本事?算什么英雄好汉?可见他们满嘴的“关爱生命”纯粹是演戏,虚伪得令人作呕。

记住这些名字:陈有西、湛中乐、胡星斗、余晖、郝劲松、赵旭、王建勋——将来私有化的铁路事故不断,死难者家属至少有权知道谁是罪魁祸首。 点击阅读全文

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