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Where Does China's Economy Lead To?

8 August 2011

by V.S

China's economic development is based on the typical 3rd World model which is geared to servicing the 1st World. It is not a system which directly "serves the people". It also takes the hard won Chinese Revolution BACKWARDS from the creation of a more egalitarian society. The "Black or white cat" system may have been originally intended to use capitalist advancements to benefit China but this has now totally got out of hand. Private ownership and greed have once again reasserted their grip of the Chinese mind and released many devils which were previously under control. Also more menacing is the rise of a new aristocratic class from the embedded party apparatchik.

Now that the 1st World is going to bankrupt China and many factories will be facing shut downs as demands for goods drop. A system based on supply and demand is rather insecure, which is a truism of capitalism. Sadly China has been invaded and taken over by "name brands" from the West.

It doesn't mean Western products are intrinsically "bad", in fact, they could be used to improve the welfare of the general public if they are brought within the framework of the national economic system. On the other hand, there may be bad points associated with the "iron pot" but there are also many good things coming from it. The most important question is where you go, and the next is how you get there.

I like those modern Chinese communes which have adapted capitalist production and marketing. They are more "democratic" than private enterprises but at the moment this model is still heavily dependant on exporting the goods to overseas market.

Perhaps if the system is more "internalised" it can cushion the country from outside economic breakdowns. It can be an "Internal Economy" based on a self sufficient model- not a new idea, sure. China is such a vast economy it can do its own internal "export" and "import" whereby different economic regions produce specialised products and trade or barter good with each others.

Sooner or later the new Chinese economy will come to its bottleneck. Can you imagine that there is a over surplus of luxury apartments in a country where the majority cannot afford such dwellings in a life time! So much money wasted to build empty cities. It's a crime!

I also learned that many of these high rise "wonders" are not being maintained properly and they are starting to deteriorate. Many glass walls have shattered and fell on people below- injuring and killing some. Visitors often observe that the Chinese do not look after their buildings. They start to look "tatty" after the initial shout of "what a beautiful building". The reason - too expensive to keep maintenance. And that may be the truth. It would be interesting to go behind the political mechanism of how these buildings are proposed and built.... It in a way reflects how fast the Chinese are progressing but fail to look after what they created and these start to crack and shatter!

At the time people thought Mao's warnings over the danger of seeing China's social system going backward if China is led to the capitalist road were just "sloganeering" but thinking back there are so much truth in them.

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