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Whose Feelings Are Hurt?
"Not Ours" - Many Chinese Say

18 July 2011

Messy power lines

Barack Obama met Dalai Lama on Saturday. The national feelings of many Chinese are hurt, not by the meeting, but by the statement of Chinese foreign ministry who claimed that the meeting "seriously huts the national feelings of the Chinese people".

No, we are not hurt, not a bit - those Chinese say - because we are not in love with America, and we have no feelings towards that country, not at all. Instead, for what America has done to us, right from the Eight Power Allied Forces, Korean War, Tiananmen coup, mid-air collision, embassy bombing, Lhasa riot, Urumqi massacre, Yellow Sea provocation to Jasmine revolution, we fully understand that the United States is our biggest threat and vicious enemy.

Who is Dalai Lama? A former slave owner, a former collaborator of German Nazi and a former CIA employee for 20 years. And, he is still a pilgrim of Yasukuni house where fourteen class A Japanese war criminals are enshrined, and he is still a supporter of Iraqi war orchestrated by the guys who have been accused of war crimes.

And who is Barack Obama? The boss of CIA whose mission is of doing whatever it can to hurt China, physically (through the means of military and economy) and mentally (by way of smearing and humiliation).

Now the CIA boss met with a CIA veteran staff member, asking whether the old man is short of bread and bacon, and maybe also discussing briefly what further assistance the retired warrior can offer to the organization, just like President Hu Jintao from time to time would visit some veteran Chinese Volunteer Army soldiers, enquiring if they are short of rice and tofu, and probably also singing March Song with them: "雄赳赳气昂昂,打败美帝野心狼". It's a conventional staff management practice, why should anyone get upset about or feel hurt with?! Unless, of course, you have foolishly fallen in love with your enemy! And because you hold an unrequited love for your killer, therefore when the killer holds a gun to your sibling's head, you can still hold your nerve to chant a ditty full of sentiment and affection:

Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby
Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby
Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby
Uh Ohhhhh, Uh Ohhhhh

You done hurt me, broke my heart
Played me like a fool
And I know two wrongs
[Obama and Dalai] don’t make it right
But you done hurt me, you done hurt me

So many times in my mind
I done planed it out already,
And all the things I’ve done
[buy your toilet paper that you call bonds, open my bedroom to you that you say is your market place]

You should be feelin’ bad too
It’s like they say
Misery loves company
[Obama: I feel great. What's wrong with you guys? You must be crazy, you definitely are!]

You know, I know [Obama: Know what?]
Nothing, I finally figured it out
[Obama (lifts his brows): Yeah? Like what?]
You done hurt me
[Obama: Oh, just this? So what? That's exactly what I wanna do. There is no way the planet can sustain both of us. If over a billion Chinese citizens have the same living patterns as Australians and Americans do right now then all of us are in for a very miserable time. Now you know why I hate you and want to destroy you, get it?]

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