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Happy Guangdong

16 July 2011


Guangdong Chief Wang happily resides in his golden regal chair

Guangdong Government declares its ambitious goal that is to build a Happy Guangdong.

Here are three signs indicating that Guangdong will definitely become happiest place in China:


A man posted a message online revealing a Guangdong-based Singapore-US oil product's GM nature has been sentenced on Wednesday - according to the request and instruction detailed in a letter sent by the company to the police of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province - 1 year imprisonment and a 10,000 yuans fine.

Arawana Oil produced by a Singapore Multinational in corporation with a major U.S. GM company

The list of ingredients reveals the oil's GM nature


Residents living in apartment blocks adjacent to a major sporting venue have been ordered to leave their home during the time when the opening and closing ceremonies of a national sports game are taken place in Shenzhen, Gangdong Province; for those who cannot leave home (such as people with severe medical conditions), the Shenzhen authority will send officers to monitor their activities to ensure they all behave well.

Such behaviour will no doubt make game hosts and investors very unhappy, so it must be prohibited in Shenzhen at all cost. Remember, in this world, there is no free lunch, there is no free watch, except free instructions from multinationals to Shenzhen police.


Peasant workers who demanded their companies to pay the wages that the companies failed to pay on time received no money but rough shoves and club blows from police in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Shenzhen police happily confronted unhappy peasant workers

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