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China Begins A New Long March

2 July 2011

A New Long March

Red Army warriors ascended the Snow Mountain in the famous Long March.

A Scene in the televised show staged on 30 June in Beijing celebrating the 90th anniversary of CCP which was attended by Hu Jintao, CCP chief and Chinese President, and his administrative team.

A scene in The East Is Read, which is an epic singing/dancing show narrating CCP's history of national endeavour. The lyric of the song "The Long March" is originally a poem composed in a classic style by one of China's best poets, Mao Zedong, who is also one of 13 founders of the CCP and the founding father of PRC.

Leading singer: Jia Shijun

On the eve of the anniversary, Shanghai Mayor led his administrative team singing "The Long March" for Shanghai audience.

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On 29 June, two days before the 90th anniversary of CCP's establishment, China's Red Chorus season formally kicked off in Chongqing, witnessed by 100,000 people with 40,000 performers from 108 chorus troupes from all over the country.

Chongqing is the central stage of the Red Chorus, but it did not initiate this movement. It has existed for decades in China, as a way of physical exercise, self-entertainment and social integration among mainly, but not limited to, retired people.

But it is Chongqing that turned it into a popular cultural scene which intends to help uplift nation's spirit and prepare the people to face up to tougher challenges lying ahead during the long march towards the goal of renaissance.

Major General Peng Liyuan, the wife of China's Vice-President Xi Jinping, sang the theme song of Opera Jiangjie

Jiangjie is one of the most memorable heroes in Chongqing's history. A young communist with a baby son, she was arrested by Nationalist government and tortured with advanced torture tools both homemade and imported from the U.S.A. (You can image how powerful they must be!), which included to drive toothpick-sized bamboo objects into the nails of her ten fingers. She was collapsed physically, but not spiritually, and firmly refused to denounce her faith and betray her comrades. When one day her cell door was slamming open by the special guards that made her realise the final moment arrived, she calmly distributed her personal items to her cell mates and encouraged them to hold on till last minute. With a smile on her face, she briskly walked out of the room towards the execution field. And she died with her faith intact.

She is not alone, but just one of tens of thousands of earlier CCP members who put their lives on the line to fight for a new China that shall be free of foreign colonization and internal oppression.

Fortunately, their sacrifice is not in vain ... (not entirely to say the least). Great social and economic progresses have been made, although along the way many setbacks occurred. But despite setbacks, China shall continue to progress in the way that Jiangjie and her comrades envisaged, that is to head towards a civilised new world where oppression and exploitation between races and classes are prohibited, and where people all over the world will view themselves as the integral part of a big humanity family, because this is where the destination of China lies, and of the world lies, for it is the consequence of the accumulated causes over thousands of years.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger also attended the show in Chongqing.

(Photos by 李文科.华龙网)

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