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Tibetans Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Liberation
from Dalai Lama's Serfdom Rule

19 July 2011

Today Chinese in Lhasa hold the national emblem high to demonstrate their appreciation for national unity.

(Photo credit to 张铎-新华社)


A float displays the best aspects of Tibet in the celebration parade taken place this morning.

(Photo credit to 普布扎西-新华社)


The best aspects are the result of the change of the faith of Tibetan people from Lamas and their voodoo practice to Mao Zedong and his social progress. Unfortunately, such faith has been deliberately shaken, not due to the Cultural Revolution but by Hu Yaobang, a wicked mean man once on the top position in China, who for gaining the praise from the Western powers led by Washington and CIA reinstalled Lama dominance in Tibetan society that eventually led to a bloody riot in Lhasa in 2008.

(Photo credit to 达娃-新华社)


The bloody reality has awakened the former serfs and their descendants. They certainly don't want the return of slavery.

(Photo credit to 陈建力-新华社)


And they don't want to back to poverty the old Tibetans experienced during Dalai Lama's rule.

(Photo credit to 丁林-新华社)


And they don't want to give up their right to education that was deprived under Dalai Lama's reign.

(Photo credit to 张铎-新华社)


And they don't want to live in fear that their limbs might be turned into musical instruments used in Lamaist rituals or other daily articles favoured by human body parts collector Dalai Lama.

(Photo credit to 达娃-新华社)


And don't want to turn Tibet into an ethnic cleansing ground by attempting to drive out Chinese with other ethnic background, whether they are native residents or migrants, out of the region as urged by a pro-fascism Dalai Lama.

(Photo credit to 黄敬文-新华社)


And don't want Dalai Lama to return to Lhasa and don't want the basement of Potala Palace to return to its old function: the Vajra Hell on earth.

Let that fake Buddhist go to where he deserves to go, along with his colleagues in his phony government and in CIA.


(Photo credit to 张铎-新华社)


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26 July 2011, the Tibetan Airline took its first flight from Lhasa.

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