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A Chinese Man's Solo Travel Across No Man's Land in Tibet (3)

25 July 2011

The excerpts from Yang Liusong's (杨柳松) travel log:

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Day 6
25 April 2010

Today I trek through a terrain rich with volcano rocks. I push my bike to the hill that has a naturally formed sculpture on the top.


On the other side of the hill there is a river, partially covered by ice 1m thick.

I explored its upstream area last year and now I'm standing at its low reach that broadens out into a wide watercourse.


There are numerous springs on the shore which add a scent of spring to the frozen world. This stream is also a lifeline for various animal species in the area, along which they migrate from one place to another.


I try to cross the river, but the ice is half melting.


While in the middle is the unfrozen part of the stream, deep and wide, about 700m in distance.

Which brings me to my next point that why I only progressed 4 km today. Since I cannot carry my luggage across this gulf, I wandered around 20 km to search for an alternative route.


But there is no feasible alternative. Only thing I find during whole day investigation is a stone pile made by herdsmen.


Day 7
26 April 2010

By 2pm, I realise there is only one way for me to continue my journey, that is to cross the river by whatever means possible.

It takes me 4 hours to get all my stuff move to other side. My legs and feet are full of cuts from sharp edged ice.

Almost immediately after I've completed my brave undertaking, a strong hailstorm and gusty winds descend. The ice on the river cracks and thaws, and the water surges up at an incredible speed.

Lucky me. Had I hesitated longer, I wouldn't have the guts to negotiate my way through the ferocious gulf.


Now I can settle down for the night in the golden rays from the setting sun.


[1] [2] [3]

(To be continued)

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Yang Liusong (杨柳松) and his bike

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