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Queen Step-Mother to Shenzhen

30 July 2011

Her Majesty, Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Goddess of Liberty, Lady of the Most Ancient Order of Yin-yang Taichi, Defender of the most exclusive ABCD* Faith, Revered Consort of His Majesty King Bill J Clinton the First, the Most High, Most Mighty and Most Excellent Queen Step-mother of the World Empire of Anglosphere Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton I delivers American message to the world audience in China's Shenzhen:

My dear global citizens, this warm speech is about a summer story.

As you all have experienced, summer makes you headache; and you may also know headache can only be cured by snake oil; and now I must tell you that no snake oil is better in quality than the one genetically modified in American laboratory inserted with beneficial Bt toxin and nutritious ABCD* property.

This is why I want to congratulate boys here in Shenzhen. You have thrown people who challenge the snake oil into prison and have promoted the business who sell the snake oil as a major sponsor to your abundant sporting events. It was a time when I was concerned that you might backtrack the deal under the mounting public pressure. Now I'm pleased that you've stuck to your guns like all brave mercenary warriors did before you in defending the alien interest against whoever. You shall never underestimate what an international sporting event can achieve in helping distributing the snake oil to people from all over the world, from all walks of life and from all age groups. I want once again to say this to you: Thank you! You've made my day.

Wish you, and all those who love the snake oil, a very happy summer.

* ABCD: American-British-Christian-style Democracy.

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Guangdong government awarded the company, that produces GM oil while trying to pass it off as organic product and once sent a letter to interfere Chinese judicial system, as the model of honest business.

Guangdong government awarded this very same GM oil company as the Great Business 2010 for the great amount of tax it contributed to the local government.

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