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The Gospel Truth from Tony,
A Secular Abbot

22 July 2011

Tony was a minister (church), then Tony became a minister (health), and Tony wants to be a minister (prime). And Tony's aspiration is to work as a secular abbot preaching the Gospel truth to the mankind.

One day Tony caught the flu. He kept clearing his nose with tissues and kept throwing the dirty tissues out of the window.

A doctor just happened to walk past so turned sharply on Tony. "Hi, what's the issue with your tissue? If everyone acts like you, our streets will soon be turned into dumping grounds spreading virus around and threatening people's health."

Tony sniffed. "Don't tell me about health. A, I used to be a health minister and I know health issues better than you; B, I've already infected with virus, so virus spreading is not an issue for me. Besides, my neighbour Big Johnny always throws dirty tissues on bedroom floor and he never gets sick and is as healthy as a bull."

The doctor wasn't impressed. "You are just like some of my typical patients. They would ignore my advice to give up smoking on the basis that somebody down the pub told them his uncle Ernie had lived to 95 and smoked like a train all his life."

Tony pointed his big nose towards a neighbouring block. "Who talked about uncle Ernie or auntie Amy down the pub? All I talked about is Big Johnny next door. Now, let me tell you some Gospel truth. The truth is there are 6 billion people on the planet, even if one person just throws one tissue on street, there will be 6 billion tissues. How many dirty tissues I can produce as one man? So the truth is whether I dump one tissue or one thousand tissues in public space my action will have no real impact on the whole situation."

The doctor rebuked. "You think you've got a point? Do you realise how incredibly embarrassing the Gospel truth like that is?"

Tony replied at ease, "Well, I'm not easily embarrassed. And let me reveal another Gospel truth to you: if you really want to improve our environment, you should make people on the planet all agree not to throw dirty tissues on streets. After you've accomplished this mission, let me know, I'll set up my tissue dumping reduction target by then."

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