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Beautiful Tibetan Songs

18 July 2011

Liberated Tibetan Serfs Sing A Happy Song

by China's No.1 Tibetan singer Tseten Dolma (才旦卓玛)
This song was recorded just a few years ago when the singer at her advanced 70s


Thanks CCP to Lead Us Destroy Dalai Lama's Serfdom

by China's No.1 Tibetan singer Tseten Dolma (才旦卓玛)


Bitter Life Under Dalai Lama Turns Sweet under CCP

by China's No.1 Tibetan singer Tseten Dolma (才旦卓玛)


Chairman Mao Is Like A Golden Sun to Our Tibetans

by China's No.1 Tibetan singer Tseten Dolma (才旦卓玛)


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