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Paintings Created by A Chinese Peasant

14 July 2011

Childhood memory
Game during the day: Playing hawk and chicks

Childhood memory
Game at the night: Stealing melons from field

Childhood memory
Game in the river: catching fish

Childhood memory
Game for grown ups: A village wedding

Xiong Qinghua (熊庆华) is a Chinese peasant living at Long River Village in Hubei Province (湖北仙桃市通海口镇永长河村). While cultivating crops of his own selection in his farmland and around his house (how lucky he lives in China not Michigan of the United States), he also cultivates his artistic hobby in his studio, and has done so for a good 20 years.

Some years ago he began to post his works online which received favourable responses from viewers, and brought him fame as well as some business (once gain, how lucky his doesn't live in Michigan of the United States but China ... hang on ... hum, hope there are no bad guys in his village and no Yunnan judges in his province and no one forcing him to watch television programs hosted by pro-criminal hosts).

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