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Chinese Celebrate CCP's 90th Birthday

4 July 2011

Peasants in the outskirts of Shanghai, China's biggest industrial and financial centre, have cultivated crops with a giant sign attributed to the 90th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party.

Kids in Henan, China's major crop-production province, make a birthday pie with grains to celebrate CCP's birthday.

(Source of photos:

Chinese song: My Motherland (我的祖国)

Relic by: Qiao Yu (乔羽)
Music by: Liu Zhi (
Sing by: Guo Lanying (

This is the theme song of Chinese movie Shanggan Lin sung by Guo Lanying, one of China's best audio-artists. The tune was played in piano in the White House when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited U.S. by pianist Lang Lang

Chinese song: People Say Shanxi Is A Beautiful Place (人说山西好风光)

Relic by: Qiao Yu (乔羽)
Music by: Zhang Dichang (
Sing by: Guo Lanying (

The landscape featured in the video is filmed in Mt Mian region in Shanxi Province

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What Chinese Say

vivi爱老虎油 (

My view, China is not lack of democracy, but lack of certain form of democracy favoured by certain groups of people.

Insisting that there is only one form of democracy [the American style] is a mindset of dictatorship in itself. It is a tyranny in the name of democracy.

The true democracy is a system that is able to reflect the interest of and address the problems for the majority people in the community. Only when a country which brings benefits to most people including those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged can then be called a democratic country.



民主反映的不是某个人的利益, 而是群体的利益, 是绝大多数人的利益。一个能使绝大多数人受益的国家才是一个民主国家.

某些人不如意想自己做主, 这本身就是要独裁,是打着民主的旗号要侵犯大多数人的利益。

The elderly Chinese communists crafted papercuts paying their respect to their leading comrades, from Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Jiang Zemin to Hu Jintao.

Young Communists in Chongqing renew their vows of allegiance to their faith that they made when joined the CCP.

The children of peasant workers embroidered a CCP flag

School kids in Jiangxi Province, one of the nurturing nests of Chinese Communist Party, placed their fingerprints on a large paper around a giant sign of CCCP.

Peasants in Zhang Jiajie, where the main scene including the so-called Hallelujah Mountain featured in Hollywood blockbuster movie Avatar was filmed, circled the main entrance to the scenic site with a 90 meter long dragon image as their unique way to celebrate the birthday of the force that protects the dragon nation from alien attack and colonization.

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