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American Dream in a Tunnel

13 July 2011

Las Vegas, the icing on the American cake which is the biggest in the world that Chinese cake cannot match, not now, not in a couple of years, least the cake made by Chinese in Guangdong Province where China's largest gap between the rich and the poor is displayed, very much to the despair of the vast exploited working class and to the delight of the minority exploitative capitalist class, and, their associated local government officials.

The biggest cake in question is placed, regrettably, on a dirty plate - an underground realm formed by sewage tunnels.

This is a path leading to that dark and filthy underworld ...

And in the deep of this filthy dark world ... there are evidences of human presence!

Indeed, there is a human here, although the floor is flooded with sewage.

And a family also calls this place home.

And a retired cared by no one but faces her final moment to arrive alone.

And a young man sees no light at the end of the tunnel.


(Photo credit to Austin Hargrave)


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A research team from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York City has estimated that 875,000 deaths in the US in 2000 could be attributed to a cluster of social factors bound up with poverty and income inequality.

According to US government statistics, some 2.45 million Americans died in 2000. Thus, the researchers’ estimate means that social deprivation was responsible for some 36 percent of total US deaths that year, a staggering total.

However, while considerable effort is made to raise money for research into methods of eradicating heart disease, the Obama administration and the Republicans in Congress are currently considering how best to decimate the programs that have historically alleviated poverty and income inequality.

“This trend is consistent with expectations related to the recent economic downturn,” says a note on the Childstats page. Some have looked at this trend and predicted one in four children in the US will soon be living below the official poverty level.

More at ( is a socialist website doing a good job at promoting social justice but regrettably having appointed a CIA collaborator working on its Chinese language site assisting U.S.'s effort of spoiling China's socialist system)

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