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Who Are the World's Guinea Pigs? (2)

26 June 2011

A Poisonous Fish from U.S. Ally Singapore

Historically, China was a soybean export nation, and produced the world's best soybeans in the areas near Shenyang, the homeland of human guinea pigs of U.S. drug companies. But thanks to a collaborative effort designed to make the way for U.S. multinationals to dump their GM soybeans into the world's biggest soybean market, China's soybean farming and process businesses have been systematically squeezed and marginalised, and since 1994, China miraculously makes itself a soybean importer and now the biggest in the world. It's not just because the demand for the soybeans increased as Americans at ASA and Chinese who are related to ASA would like you to believe, it is also, and more so, because the production of Chinese soybeans decreased to trickle. Why? Because Chinese farmers and process businesses lost their market share. Lost to whom? To imported cheap and low quality and potentially poisonous GM soybeans (more at

Of imported soybeans, 40 percent are from the United States (see; and of U.S. soybeans exported to China, 100 percent are produced using Monsanto GM seeds; and of the imported GM soybeans that would be consumed as livestock feed in the U.S., most are used for extracting cooking oil for human consumption; and of all cooking oil business in China, over 40 percent are owned by Wilmar International, a Singapore company in corporation with America's GM giant ADM (Archer Daniels Midland).

Now you must have realised that Chinese are the world's real guinea pigs who take the poison produced in America for the financial and health benefits of Americans. But why no desperate screaming is heard in China crying out for being made into guinea pigs? Because they don't know they are consuming oil made of U.S. GM soybeans by Singapore Wilmar International Ltd. Wilmar was a supplier of Beijing Olympics Game while the BOG food, according to its policy, was exclusive of any food with a GM ingredient (佟菲.京华时报). And further, a head of the company once publicly declared that Arawana oil they provided to Olympics is exactly the same to those that are sold in the supermarket. (, more at

Here are some photo images of Arawana cooking oil, and the list of the ingredients shows that the product is made of GM soybeans and GM herb.


Arawana Oil produced by Singapore/U.S. Wilmar Ltd


List of ingredients of the Arawana Oil shows it is made of GM herb and soybeans

So it's quite clear, that Wilmar Ltd either lied to the Olympic committee, or have deceived the Chinese consumers. Either way, the company should be charged for fraudulent business practice and prohibited from operating in China. And more over, the directors of the company should be prosecuted under Chinese law for wilfully harming Chinese people's health and being ordered to pay compensation to millions of Chinese consumers.

And yes, late last year, somebody was arrested in Beijing by Shenzhen police when he just got off an airplane from his business trip, and after being detained for seven months without formal charge, on 2 June 2011 he appeared in a Shenzhen court in both handcuff and feetcuff. Yet he is not the owner or director of Wilmar from Singapore, but a Chinese cyber dweller. The crime he is accused of by Chinese police in Shenzhen is not of engaging in fraudulent business practice in association with GM food, but exposing such practice on cyber space while working for a company affiliated with a Chinese organic oil producer.

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