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Who Are the World's Guinea Pigs? (1)

26 June 2011

Guinea Pigs of U.S. Drug Companies

According to Donald Barlett and James Steele, the author of How Health Care in America Became Big Business (published by Doubleday in 2004), prescription drugs (pharmaceutical remedies in Western Medicine based on artificial chemical substance invented in laboratory) kill some 200,000 Americans every year, many are the victims of botched clinic trials of new drugs (

At the moment, there are about 2,900 new drugs undergoing clinical testing for treat Americans' various illness, but 80 percent of the trails are conducted on people other than Americans, those who are poor and live in a country that either historically lacked or recently dropped much of the regulations designed to protect the vulnerable members of the community, claimed the authors.

You may like to know in which countries the U.S. pharmaceutical companies found their guinea pigs. Well, the third most popular destination is India which carries out 1,457 trials, the second is Russia with 1,513 trials, and the most popular state is … ya, you bet, …. China! There are hundreds of thousands of economically-challenged Chinese currently putting their health and lives on the line for earning a bit cash by testing the new drugs for Americans. To be fair, this is not a recent phenomenon, but it is in recent years that sick Chinese have overtaken Indians and Russians to be the major guinea pigs of US drug companies.

Shenyang, an industrial city in China's northeast corner with a population of 7.2 million, is a name rather unfamiliar to most people abroad as it is not a popular tourist destination, but it is pretty well known in U.S. pharmaceutical community since this is a place that produced more guinea pigs for Americans than any other cities in China, and probably in the world.

Now you probably also realise why some people in certain sectors of Chinese community would be so hysterical in their crusade against traditional Chinese medicine.

Guinea Pigs of U.S. GMO Companies

But the world heard desperate screaming from the United States crying out that Americans are the world's guinea pigs. "Since the Europeans and Japanese are refusing to eat gene-modified (GM) foods, these crops are now being dumped almost exclusively on the American market. We can't avoid them. They are unlabelled. They are in everything from potato chips to salad dressing. If GM foods cause problems, we will be the first to find out -- unless we decide to stop being guinea pigs," the crying baby wailed. "Europeans, having recently heard from their governments that mad cow disease is no health threat whatsoever, are not in a trustful mood. They insist that GM foods at least be labeled so consumers have the option of avoiding them. Suppliers -- such as our own Archer Daniels Midland, 'supermarket to the world' -- said it would be impossible to separate out GM soybean or corn. So Europeans stopped buy soybeans and corn, especially if imported from the United States."(The World's Guinea Pigs for Bioengineered Foods by Donella H. Meadows, an adjunct professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College and director of the Sustainability Institute, a think/do tank that promotes sustainable systems.)"

However, the above whinging is not entirely justified.

First of all, these potentially poisonous GM soybeans are created in US laboratory by US bioscientists working at US boicompanies for making profits that contributes to US prosperity, of course Americans ought to consume these products whether like them or not. That's the necessary health costs for financial rewards. If you guys don't believe it is worthwhile, then you should seek to vote the US politicians who support the GM food out of office - mind you, a general election is already knocking on your door. Americans love to tell the world your political system is the archetype for all human society and your two-party one-vote structure can fix all problems in the human realm, what's more, right now your elected government is using aircraft carriers and missiles to force everybody on the planet to go vote. So go vote out your government, vote out your politicians and vote out GM food. As a voter, you are so powerful, so stop acting like a crying baby.

And secondly, the claim is not factual. Whether it is for making a dear deal with a powerful America, or for fearing some dirty personal secrets to be exposed by a devious America, some Chinese governmental and academic entities have already made a large number of poor Chinese people into guinea pigs of U.S. drug companies that could kill if things go wrong. Would they reject to turn more Chinese people into the guinea pigs of GMO multinationals which will harm the nation in a very gentle manner and an ultra slow pace? Of course they wouldn't, and they didn't. As for those GM soybeans rejected by Europeans and Japanese, do you know where is their final destination?

Here is a news from Thursday's

"The country (China) imported a record 54.8 million tons of soybeans in 2010, compared with 15.2 million tons of domestic productions. ... China's soybean imports (in 2011) are expected to rise by 5 percent more than last year."

Alan Kemper, president of the American Soybean Association, confirms that "China is THE most important market for US soybeans".

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