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Western Troops Beheaded Chinese in Beijing

2 June 2011

3 September 1900: The Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing in the pretext of protecting the interest of the church and began to hunt down the resistance warriors - the Boxers - who were fighting against the Christian crusade led by the missionaries from the West.

5 September: the crusaders broke into local residences and forced the locals to collect crops in farmland to feed their horses. The forced labourers were under the brutal surveillance of the Western troops and punished by flogging whenever they slowed down their work pace. Sounds familiar? Yes, that's how they treated Mr. Obama's father's father's father's ... and Mrs Obama's both father and mother, and father's mother, and mother's father ... but you'd better not to mention this to them, since it will surely make them blush ...


7 September: The crusaders bombarded the West Red Gate (西红村) and attacked Yellow Village (黄村) in an attempt to kill resistance boxers there. Consequently, the whole village was reduced to rubbles.

11 September: 1,700 crusaders armed with 6 cannons assaulted Liangxiang City (良乡城) which was held by Boxers. Over 4,000 resistance fighters and civilians were slaughtered by the Western troops.


16 September: During the operation to locate remaining resistance fighters in Beijing's Badachu (八大处), the crusaders blew away a Buddhist tower and burned down Spiritual Light Monastery (灵光寺) and Pen Ink Garden (笔墨园).


19 September: the crusaders massacred more than a hundred villagers at Guanyin Village (观音村) in Beijing's outskirt West Hill (西山). The entire village was destroyed under the heavy barrage of cannon fire.

The so-called Eight-Power Allied Forces include U.S.A., U.K., Japan, Germany and France. 111 years on, nothing seems to have changed in this world. These are the same nations sending troops to kill resistance fighters and civilians in other countries at the moment ...... just by then they did it in the name of God, now they are doing it in the name of Democracy.


And the crusaders even have returned to China. Watch this man, the descendent of an aggressive missionary killed by angry Chinese villagers during Boxer Rebellion, quite justifiably. With the help of evangelical collaborators in Guangdong, he comes back to reclaim the legacy of the old crusaders.

南方咒魔语录: 传教士们是中国社会现代教育、医疗和慈善事业的倡导者和参与者。 (他们) 开发矿藏,兴修铁路,兴办教育,启发民智。

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- 国人当警惕!





A great number of Chinese followers of Christianity, in particular the members of the underground family churches, display a strong tendency of anti-Chinese civilization, with some having a profound contempt for humanity as a whole, which is derived both from their interpretation of Bible, the Jewish history and fantasy, and the manipulative teaching of the U.S. controlled church groups.

It can be said that majority of China's church goers, especially the family church members, from the day one they join the organization, they have intentionally or unintentionally become part of the US force working on the mission of rooting out Chinese civilization, splitting Chinese territory and enslaving Chinese people.

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