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Oranges and Sunshine

26 June 2011

A Class War in U.K.
-- Tips on How to Get Rid of Poor People in Your Country


Half million British kids were kicked out of the country by U.K. government with 7,000 landed in Australia and locked in church-run institutions. Their mortal crime? Born into a poor family. This class war waged by British ruling elites was launched in 1920, a year before the establishment of Chinese Communist Party whose mission statement is of fighting for gaining the equal rights for majority deprived Chinese. Pity the Communist Party of Great Britain, despite of being formed one year earlier, did not have a leader like Mao Zedong who rooted deeply in Chinese history and focused squarely on the demand and interest of Chinese people, but had Harry Pollitt (not Harry Potter, the magically powerful kid) as its head who was over enthusiastic on taking a universal approach under a global commandment in a tragically tribalized world. Thus even though his party was able to squeeze onto parliament floor at some stage, the British communists made little impact on the fate of the child migrants.

The cruel practice was ended in 1967, a year after the Cultural Revolution began when China was virtually ruled by Chinese kids, especially the kids from poor background. Only by then the British kids from poor background were all allowed to stay in Britain under the care of their own parents.

17th London Australian Film Festival – Oranges and Sunshine, an Australia film directed by Jim Loach. Through the eyes of child migrants, the movie exposes the crimes of grave injustice and cold-blooded abuse committed by British/Australian governments and the Christian Churches.





The film reveals the scandalous treatment of thousands of British children sent to Australia without their parents' knowledge. Many of the children sent to Australia were told their parents were dead, while their parents were given very little information about where the children were going and many didn't know they had left the country. On arrival in Australia, the young migrants were separated from their brothers and sisters. Former child migrants have told of regular and brutal physical, sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of the carers.

It is indeed amazing that the ruling elites in the Anglosphere not only go to someone else's land to remove local aboriginal children from their parents, but also remove their own kids from poor families and dumped them in other corner of the world.

We strongly recommend this wonderful Australian film to Chinese audience, as it will surely help Chinese people, especially those Anglo-worshipers, to gain better understanding of British and Australian history and civilisation, as well as to have a peep into God's work on earth.

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Former child migrant John Hennessey from Ingleburn. He was handed to Christian Sisters by her mother after being tricked into believe that the church would find her little boy a good family in Britain. Instead he was trafficked to Western Australia, and spent seven years in Christian Brothers' Boys Town in Bindoon.

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