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East India Company Reborn? (2)

11 June 2011

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The following passages from the paper titled From Down Under to Top Centre prepared by Iskander Rehman, a research fellow at Transatlantic Academy, expressively outline the strategy to revive the spirit of the new age East India Company in Asia:

As the world’s center of gravity shifts from West to East, Australia’s position has swiveled from “down under” to “top center” in terms of geopolitical importance.

Washington’s strategic cognoscenti are crafting a revolutionary new doctrine, entitled the AirSea Battle Concept,6 which calls, among other things, for a seamless cooperation between the U S Navy and Air Force in order to offset Beijing’s growing anti-access prowess.

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Chinese like to fancy “Three Kingdom’s Romance”. Come on! A polarised world with three kingdoms will only bring warfare, not peace, let along romance. Only when the humanity is ruled under a single empire with three supporting foundations, the world can thus be a place as stable as a tripod.

Go hell the dream of Three Kingdoms. Let’s usher in the era of Three-leg Tripod. Long live Queen Elizabeth I (+ II) and her East India (+ Pacific + Antarctic + Transatlantic) Company.

But wait a minute! Have you ever heard the name of Elizabeth Farm? Well, it is a majestic real estate by the river of Parramatta, the once capital town of the British colonial state called New South Wealth.

Right from the formation of the first British colony in Australia in 1788, the first Governor Arthur Phillip was instructed by the British Monarch to prohibit any direct business dealings between the residents in Australia and the people in Asia including those in China, so as to protect East India Company's exclusive rights in trading and beyond. But the Anglo merchants, such as Lieutenant John Macarthur, the husband of Elizabeth the farmer, found their way to bypass the company to work with the Asians, which was how Elizabeth's vegetable plot was able to grow into a farm, and which was how the Royal Chartered company began to lose its foothold on Australia. For this, the husband of Elizabeth the farmer was cursed as “King of Serpent” by the descendants of Elizabeth the Monarch, even though they all belonged to Anglo breed, the overwhelmingly dominant species in Australia by then.

As for by now, about one in five Australian citizens were born in a country outside Anglosphere ( If East India Company failed to make its presence in Australia when the Anglo sun is a brilliant rising heavenly body, what's the chance for West Pacific Corp to succeed when the sun is fast setting behind the west hills?

And most importantly, why Australian people should once again take the bullet for some naughty guys in other part of the world who have owned massive karmic debts but try to make others to foot the bill? Remember how Aussies were treated by U.K. officers and died in Gallipoli? And how the British kids were kicked out of their homeland for petty offences? If they are unable to treat their most loyal and most vulnerable fellow Anglos with slightest compassion and dignity, do you expect they will treat people from different background any better?

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Axis of Anglo-Terror?

From down-under to top-centre? Is this the Australian Dream? What will be the karmic cost to the nation?

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