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East India Company Reborn? (1)

11 June 2011

There was a time when Britain, a remote off-shore island kingdom at the European fringe, ruled a large part of Asia covering India, Burma, Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore through a multinational corporation, the East India Company. The trading company, obviously, did more than conducting ordinary trading business, and even did more than conducting illegal trading business. In fact, it represented the British Crown to rule India and much of Asia by exercising military and administrative powers after the defeat of the Indians that rose to resist the British invasion; it was also a U.K. government sponsored crime syndicate and the biggest drug dealer in human history. Its main business included growing opium in India then smuggling opium into China for sale on black market to raise quick cash to meet the needs of purchasing a large quantity of Chinese tea and silk for British royal family and the kingdom's upper class.

If you think it is the most immoral thing for a company and a government to engage in, you know you are wrong, because you are sure aware of the following historical event: When China tried to crackdown on drug smuggling trains within its own territory, the British government sent gunboats to bombard Chinese cities and villages, which was how the notorious Opium Wars started.

But if you think today’s British ruling elites, who are known or like to be known as freedom-pioneers and democracy promoters, must feel awfully ashamed for the crimes of anti-humanity committed by their ancestors, once again you are wrong. They are tremendously proud of it and right now attempting to invoke its spirit.

We are not here talking about how British imperial spirit, that was consciously shaped according to the Roman model as the legacy of the Roman conquest and occupation of Britain (Richard Hingley. 2000. Roman officers and English gentlemen the imperial origins of Roman archaeology. (London, UK: Routledge), 4), lives through U.S. Empire, which is run by the people of the same breed and conducts the similar business in the identical manner.

Yes, the sun of the U.K. Empire has never set, not yet. It’s sustained above the earth by the sons of the U.K. Colonists in the North American continent at the expense of a different kind of Indian people.

But no, U.S. is not the new East India Company, because it doesn’t reside in the East.

We are here talking, or rather to say some Celtic Crusaders are discussing, a plan to establish a new East India Company for the 21st century in the East.

Of course, it might not be feasible to again set up the company in Mumbai (Bombay) or Calcutta. But again, that’s not the best option for today's scenario anyway. Britain tried it along the east coast of the subcontinent, ended miserably; and Britain is still trying in the surrounding regions in Afghanistan and Pakistan, going terribly. It is because those bloody people do not belong to the Anglosphere tribe by blood.

So by now you must have figured out where the base camp of the new East India Company will be set. Yes, It is in a land that is vague about its geographic configuration: a large island or a tiny continent? A country that is uncertain about its identity: a part of the East or a member of the West? A people that are confused about their heritage: Anglo sheriffs in Asia or unwanted orphans of Britain?

Australia, yes, this is the country in which some spin doctors in the transatlantic Anglosphere urge to set up a new East India Company (or West Pacific Corp.) to support the same general function: to rule the East for the West; and to serve the same particular objective: to bring Chinese under submission.

Can it be achieved? Given Chinese are no longer under the apartheid alien rule.

Why not? Given Anglos are no longer sailing gunboats loaded with cannons but driving aircraft carriers loaded with missiles and nuclear warheads.

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Here is an audience feedback on the Aussie dream or Aussie nightmare "from down under to top centre" (

Mulga Mumblebrain:

More neo-conservative agit-prop, aimed firmly at demonising China. I was greatly encouraged to hear Geraldine actually question whether going 100% along with the USA, like the groveling lap-dog, might not necessarily be in Australia's interests. Particularly when being 100% a stooge of the US means, not just the routine enlistment in the latest Western bloodbath in the Middle East, to secure the US global empire by controlling the planet's hydrocarbons, but in a confrontation, almost certainly leading to war, with China.

The first decade of this century, which saw the US Empire begin to crumble under the burden of a neo-feudal wealth distribution, the larceny of its ever-avaricious elites and its neo-imperial War of Terror against Islam (a joint project with its controlling 'ally' Israel) will be seen, I'm certain, as a turning-point in history. China grew hugely in this period, not distracted by the lust to kill and dominate that has always characterised the US Empire. It is already, on some calculations, as big an economy as the US, and the IMF gives it five years. The USA and its 'Atlanticist' allies in the West are simply not prepared to accept non-Western global leadership-it outrages their innate and intense delusions of racial and civilization superiority.

This little diatribe was replete with the now familiar language of Western Rightist aggression and war-mongering. China has no aircraft carrier groups, the USA twelve, but China is the 'threat'. China has no overseas bases, the US hundreds, probably over one thousand, but China is the 'threat'. China wishes to deny 'access', not to the North Atlantic or Caribbean, but to the offshore waters near China's coast, which the US prowls with nuclear armed aircraft carriers minutes flying time from Beijing. And the Chinese have the gall to arm themselves with missiles to defend themselves from this threat. Imagine if Chinese aircraft carriers were cruising just off New York and Washington! The hypocrisy is psychotic. And just what, in the arcane hatemongering lexicon of the neo-conservative warmongers, is Chinese 'revisionism'?

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