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Questions on Obama's Killing of Osama

10 May 2011


Pat Riot:

If its true that they murdered bin Laden unarmed like they said they did somebody needs to go to jail, if not for murder, then for killing the most valuable source of information on "al Qaeda" that existed besides the criminal US government. 

Maybe they wanted to remain ignorant so they could wage a never ending "War on Terror" (tm) to steal all our money and our last remaining rights?





Media BS

I don't really see why we still need the "media" anymore. We can just have the government press conference feeds linked to our TV and then we don't need "journalists" to just repeat what the government just said. 

How can they wonder why they are going bankrupt? They can blame the internet all they want but it has nothing to do with that people just want the truth and not lies and propaganda.




Frank Pelteson:

Permanent War and Tightening Police State

The Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” has left the public holding the bag. The bottom line is always the same: Create justification for permanent war and for increasing tyrannical police-state tactics at home. The INSIDER power brokers know exactly what they are doing.




Today's media

It's all Bulls**t. Whatever happened to investigative reporting? Whatever happened to verification, confirmation and credibility. Not to mention .... honesty and integrity? There used to be a code of ethics when it came to journalism inc...luding the principles of — truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability — as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public. I guess because BO and his administration says something it is considered credible .... no reason to question .... no reason to investigate. Just rush to print ... and print again .... and print again ... all using the new buzz phrase "fog of war". If it wasn't for alternative, independent reporters that remember the importance of accuracy and honesty in reporting .... There would be none at all in this country.




The way I see it...

I'm sorry but I cant help but see the situation this way... 

Usama Bin Laden - 1 
U.S. Government - 0 

This comment is not directed at the American people as a whole...





for the 9th time? 

It's all a diversionary tactic to get people's attention off the financial chaos, unemployment rates, fuel prices and impending illegal wars against Libya and soon Pakistan. They couldn't kill a dead man so they acted like they did. Lies Lies and more lies from this incompetent Obama.





It's a scam alright

The regime can't even keep its obvious lies straight any longer. This has gone too far. We need to put these lying fools in jail and find out what those criminal thugs in DC have been wasting trillions of our dollars on. It obviously has not been on battling poverty, fixing the economy, keeping us safe, and CERTAINLY not to protect our rights. We need to DEMAND answers



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