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The Fake Police of the World

5 May 2011

Although Obama said Osama was dead, James Brown, an U.S. expert on international security and a former U.S. military officer, wasn't a happy man yesterday when he went to Australia Talks, a talkback radio program hosted by Paul Barclay, because the listeners' talkbacks in response to his talk were not what he wanted to hear.

It's just so hard to be the police of the world - he complained - all you get is criticism: America should look into its own behaviour, the killing of an unarmed man is unlawful, the bury of Osama's body at the sea is un Islamic .... bla bla bla ...

But hang on, who appointed the U.S. to police the world? Where is your employment contract? Who issued the warrant for a fake police unit to raid a foreign country? Which authority gave the Seals the seal of approval to shoot dead an unarmed man without trial?

Here are two of the email responses to James Brown's police talk:


Mulga Mumblebrain :
05 May 2011 11:27:49am

Actually most 'terrorism' is simply people using violence to defend themselves from brutal, outside, aggression. The Nazis labeled all Resistance in Europe 'terrorism', just as the US Reich and its toadies slander resistance to their state terrorism in similar vein. Of course the 9/11 atrocity was evil, but Osama emphatically denied involvement, and the Taliban said that they would hand him over if the US provided one skerrick of evidence of his involvement. They didn't, and after this mobster hit, there will be no trial. In fact there could never be a trial because the facts concerning 9/11 and its real perpetrators are red hot. Just ask the old question 'cui bono?', 'who benefits?' from 'The War of Terror' against Islam, and the real terrorists are pretty easy to detect.



04 May 2011 7:56:20pm

Our God says there aint no other
Our God says It's all OK
Our God says this is the way
Our God says an eye for an eye so repent and redeem and revenge and deploy to the land of the unbelieving scum to choppeth them up and stompeth them down and covet their real estate for us to praise our God because He can really take care of business.

你们就忏悔吧、后悔吧, 俺要惩罚你们不信主的异教徒,把你们的土地变成俺们的庄园,把你们的身体砍成十八段,一切荣耀归于主,主与俺们同在。


This hymn is indeed inspiring...

And guess what? Since America always condemns Chinese government for the crimes of not respecting Chinese people's human rights as much as American government does, now it might be a good time for China to catch up by following Americans' example:

How many Chinese lives lost on March 14, 2008, during Lhasa riot commanded by Tibetan lamas loyal to Dalai Lama? 18, plus over three hundred injured. Dalai Lama denied involvement and currently hides in India.

How many Chinese lives lost on July 5, 2009, durng Urumqi riot directed by Uighur mobs associated with East Turkistan headed by Rebiya Kadeer? 190, plus nearly two thousand injured. Rebiya Kadeer denied involvement and currently hides in America.

China's special unit Dragons or Pheonixes should storm the two countries respectively and shoot at Dalai Lama's head in front of his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, and smash Rebiya Kadeer's face in front of her husband and sons and daughters.

China, go for it, show the world how much you value your citizen's lives and respect your people's human rights.

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