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More Questions on Obama's Killing of Osama

10 May 2011


OMG, this is so cruel.


Shut up 'n' stop pretending, I know what you are capable of.


No, I'm not capable of forgiving my husband if he marries four more women behind my back.


I only see two towers in fire on the screen, how come you can see Osama and his five wives? Are we watching the same video?


Mr. President, this is a valuable piece of information: According to my observation, you are watching An American Coup, but she's viewing Loose Change. By the way, can you please tell her to stop assassinating my character? I did it according to our Laws, I am not doing it behind my wife's back.


OMG, you are behind MY back! Fxxk you guards, how did you do your security job! That's it, I'm out of here!

By the way, do you have more questions?

Alex Newman:

(Author of Media Scrambles as Bin Laden story Crumbles, published on

Yes, Mr. President.

Why, in the absence of a fire fight, would U.S. forces put a bullet through the brain supposedly containing the most valuable intelligence on the planet? What if bin Laden knew where that alleged nuclear bomb in Europe was located that was set to detonate after his capture or death? None of those questions have been addressed so far.


Paul Craig Roberts:

(senior official in the former Reagan administration, author of The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event)

The entire episode could just be another event like the August 4, 1964, Gulf of Tonkin event that never happened but succeeded in launching open warfare against North Vietnam at a huge cost to Americans and Vietnamese and enormous profits to the military/security complex.

Do you agree with me, Mr. President?


Al Jazeera:

A man who owned the house next to Osama supposed compound doesn’t believe anything ever happened as claimed by Obama. “To be honest, it’s not true,” he told us.

Why did he say that, Mr. President?


Nothing happened, they were watching Mickey Mouse cartoon in the situation room, what a spectacular show, hahaha...
Obama should be awarded Nobel Prize in Literature for the best fiction novel 2011

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