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WikiLeaks Revelations only Tip of Iceberg -- Assange

5 May 2011
U.S. Spy War against the Entire World

Your face is on my book, be warned, you are watched!

Every meal you eat
Every love you make
Every courier you contact
Every message you send
We were, are and will be watchin' you

Every single day in ten years
Every footprint you leave on your path
Every word you say in video footages
Every game you play with our intelligence
We were, are and will be watchin' you

Oh, don't you realise
Your personal information belongs to us
Every one of you, foes and friends
Don't ever think we'll lose your trace
We were, are and will be catchin' you

But, ah, ah, haven't we got the the target right? We may have watched the house in wrong colour and killed the dead man he is still talking on television.

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