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Obama's Claim on Osama's Fate (2)

4 May 2011

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美国假如真的侵略中国 老百姓为什么而战?为政府而战 为家人而战 为土地而战 为GDP而战 为自由而战 为转基因而战 为茅台而战?

If U.S. really attack China, what we ordinary people fight against it for? For the government? For our family? For our land? For GDP? For freedom? For GM food? For wine?



Just for our right to survive. Haven't you seen how American troops treat the people of the country they invaded? When they think you look like their enemy, they'll shoot you with machine guns.



For survival? It's better to escape to deep mountains or high plateaus. Don't gamble with your lives by confronting those with machine guns.



The right to survive can only be gained through fight not by escaping or begging.


另一个是藉此鼓舞士气和向世界展示美的战斗力,从这一点也可以看出美已经完全有开战的思想倾向了. 但在这之前,他们在某些方面可能会有些亲和行为,藉以解除敌方的戒心.

The another objective to announce the death of bin Laden by now is clearly to boost the morale of US troops, which also indicates that its administration is ready for a new war. But before it starts, they may hide their real intentions by demonstrating good wills to their targeted nations.



With regard to Iran issue. Initially it was an allied front consisted of China, Europe and Russia opposing the United States and Israel. But now ... Russia's stance is less firm while Europeans are trapped in Libya and become extremely hard to regain the ground in the Middle East, which brings to a situation in which China has to stand up to the U.S. alone.


战争?中国早就输了... 二战后一直在打仗,经济仗,经济战争我们输得一败涂地,如果开战,想想一下吧,最次的,你的电脑系统将不能在用.

You say war? China has long lost the war ... Since the WWII the war has never stopped on the economic front, which we lost completely. If a conventional war starts, for one thing, you will not be able to use your computer.


经济战争我们赢了。白痴~ 地面战争我们不一定输。笨蛋~

We've already won the economic war, you idiot. And we will not necessarily lose to U.S. on the ground war.


经济战争赢了?哥哥,你想的太简单了...... 战争一旦爆发,西方国家包括RB HG 人家把资一撤,你Z国还打的屁,

We won in economy? I say dear brother, you are too naive ... when the war begins, the Western nations will withdrew their investments in China, and our economy will fall flat, that leaves us no chance to fight an effective ground war.



Which means America's war against China has long begun, its weapon is dollar - it is a nation built upon wars anyway.



It was a military deployment when last year U.S. aircraft carriers entered the Yellow Sea. Why Philippines is so excited right now? Because U.S. is going to take action.


全球反美大旗,被萨科奇这2B给扯开了一道口子…… 真是不怕神一样的对手就怕猪一样的队友

The wall of the united front against U.S. hegemony was ripped open by Sarkozy ... there is this saying: rather to encounter a demonic opponent than to enlist an idiotic teammate. So true.



If Japan goes down the path of war, China should work with America to settle the score with Japan once and for all.





You want to work with Americans, do you think Americans also want to work with you? America will never tolerates China to become stronger than it is, and will stop at nothing when it comes to contain China's further development. By now it has already huddled most nations around China into its own camp. Please always use your brain when you type your words.

If China really has to get showdown with America, we must do all we can to fight the war on American soil.

But I don't think U.S. will openly challenge us with war, instead it will incite our neighbours to antagonise us, seek collaborators to sow seeds of discord among us, and brainwash our minds - in today's Internet age, such invisible softwar will become more fierce than ever.

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