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Obama's Claim on Osama's Fate (1)

4 May 2011

Is Osama bin Laden really dead? Good question.

According to those who claim to have killed him, he is really killed by them. But the gruesome photo released so far have been proven fake while the "genuine pics" are said to be too gruesome to release. (Wonder how much more gruesome a face with gunshot wound can be, given that photo has already been ferociously gruesome.)

But he is really dead, which is proven by DNA test, said those who claim to have killed him. Who did the test? Those who claim to have killed him.

For Heaven's sake, can those who claim to have killed him to provide any real evidence? For instance the ones that are tangible enough to be presented before a trial court and to be examined by magistrate or judge?

Apparently no, because his body has already been buried at sea in an "unspecified" location, said those who claim to have killed him. Who buried him? Those who claim to have killed him.

Then for ocean's sake, why anyone has to believe this "unspecified" claim that Osama bin Laden was really killed by those who claim to have killed him, and for Earth's sake those are the same people with a tradition of making false claims, which is how they were able to track two Pakistani couriers for months and stormed a Pakistani building on the Labor's Day in the first place.

But President Obama approached the American voters in the middle of the night and urged them to believe his claim about Osama, and Americans, many were still in dreams, have believed Obama's claim, just like they did three years ago.

So Americans are happy because they see the intangible evidence during their dreams that "We Can," and Obama is happy, because he may fulfil his tangible dream next year when he once again claim "We Can", regardless whether Osama died years ago of kidney failure or days before the alleged killing or decades later counting from today.

Honestly, when Osama died or will die is never important in the whole story. What's significant is when Obama decides to claim Osama is dead. It is not only critical for the coming election but America's dream of one world one empire - as so claimed by many Chinese.

The following are some messages posted on a discussion board at a popular Chinese forum "2012" in the wake of Osama's claimed death allegedly at the hand of Obama's men:

(Source: 2012吧)



所有的数据迹象指向一种现象 -- M国在为战争做好事前准备.


6.这所有的一切都指向一个国家 -- Z国


All the evidences show that United Stats is preparing for a major war. The following are some of the signs:

1, Use apocalyptic doomsday tale to brainwash people into believe that the coming war is an inevitable event ordained by fate.

2, Stir civil unrest in other countries.

3, Use whatever excuse to assail foreign governments that refuse to follow U.S. line on whatever international issues.

4, Manoeuvre the collaborated regimes to initiate conflict against US competitors.

5, Kill [or claim to kill] Osama bin Laden to pave the way for strategic shift towards new frontier.

6, All these preparations point towards one chief target: China.





I've thought of this too. Americans are following their plan closely, but we are just watching the event unfolding.





There are nukes in California.





Yeah, America is employing planning and combat disposition to storm China. The reason that so far the war still hasn't started is because Mao's spirit is still alive among Chinese people. Only when Mao's influence is diminished, they will have a good chance of subduing Chinese nation. Lately so and so in China has published an article slandering Mao, to my mind this is part of the US war plan. It seems they can wait no longer, but I guess they should still have many other secret weapons to deploy when this measure falls short.





Haven't you seen so many different forces are positioning themselves at the moment.



我和楼主 有同感 中米PK 是迟早的事.


I have the same feeling. An open conflict between China and U.S. might be inevitable.



美国现在敢打个屁. 日本萎靡状态 美国金融迟迟没得到解决. 3年内他都不敢打.


Do Americans dare to initiate a new war? I don't think so. Japan is almost finished, while America's financial situation is yet to recover. I bet it won't have a nerve to go to war, not in three years.





If U.S. is unable to crush China financially by June, it is possible to resort to war. But on the other hand, since Japan's secret nuke plan is exposed during the quake, U.S. strategy has been thrown off the existing track. In short, why Americans want to announce bin Laden's death by now? Because it needs an excuse to exit Afghanistan to concentrate on Iran.



日本萎靡状态 美国金融迟迟没得到解决



"Do Americans dare to initiate a new war? I don't think so..."

I don't agree with you. Japan is in trouble but which could precisely become the reason for it to go down the path of war and gamble on the chance. [Japan invaded China shortly after 1923 Tokyo earthquake driven by it's enhanced sense of insecurity with its own homeland prompted by the catastrophe, despite Chinese businessmen, especially those from Wenzhou, were the chief donors of the international relief aid supplies - Multipletext] They may also need a war to release internal pressure accumulated from the dissatisfaction over the government's botched rescue effort. As for U.S., apart from some lingering troubles on the financial front, it is still much more advanced in most other areas comparing to us.





Humanity may not be destroyed by the natural disaster of 2012, but by the conflict between civilisations.





Such war will be the defiance of the cosmic order and he who initiates it will be doomed for sure.

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Your fate is in my hand, regardless you're real or fake

Mr. Bush said in the statement on the news of his foe Osama bin Laden's death, “The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”

Well said. The world is waiting for the justice to be done for those being mistreated, tortured, slaughtered and mutilated at their own home in their own land by the invaded American armed forces sent forth by Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama.

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