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Guide the World, O Thou Great Redeemer the Karma

2 May 2011

Three grandsons of a state head were killed and a disabled children's school was destroyed shortly after the grandson of another state head celebrated his extravagant and high profile wedding.

The tragically killed grandsons are believed not to be terrorists, nor can they be considered as enemy combatants, since they were merely aged one to three with some were still in nappies, while the happily-married grandson is a grown-up man in an army officer's uniform and has received full military training. And the unarmed grandsons were killed and the school of disabled kids was destroyed in their own country by the alien forces from the states including the one headed by the grandma of the armed grandson.

The room where the three kids aged between 1 - 3 once played and slept

Sure the armed grandson's grandma is just a figurehead of the Kingdom and should not be blamed too much for the administration's decision to invade and bomb another sovereign state, but since the grandson's father is the future figurehead and the future head is a staunch fan of Dalai Lama while Dalai as a lama believes in karma - albeit in a rather distorted fashion - it would be very odd that no one in the Kingdom appears to be mindful of how collective karmic retribution may take effect against the nation that commits atrocities to the population of other countries.

Being a non-Anglo doesn't mean being a less worthy grandson to his grandparents, and being Muslims doesn't mean being born slaves to Christians with no right to decide their own affairs. But our world has now plunged to a new low in the moral scale characterised with unfairness and injustice, and the unfair and unjust world is calling for the return of Robin Hood.

If only one day that grandson in uniform will follow his conscience thus rejects to falsely claim the ownership of truth and justice therefore helps the nation to exam its moral stance which eventually leads to redemption of the collective psyche of the Western communities ...

But by now we pray, for the human lives lost at the hands of the Crusaders and the human rights that was attacked along with the school of the disabled kids: "Guide the world, O Thou Great Redeemer the Karma."


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普世价值的总部美国: 圣父、圣灵、圣子


反战声传,犹如狼嚎,我迈步出椭圆形房间。休看我,被称为屠夫,被骂为战犯,挡不住我十字东征的雄心壮志冲云天。贼中国,要和谐,哀求乞怜,只韬光不养晦, 我把你看扁。赴末日,气昂昂,抬头远看。我看到反华包围圈正形成,中国威胁论已传遍,华寇,看你统一独立能几天。但等那,茉莉开,中国分裂,美国人,如上帝,统治人间,到那时,全世界,只用美元,想到此,笑颜开,眼泪鼻涕满面。我为神做打手,颇有贡献,最关心中东石油尚未全到美利坚。共济会和总统单线联系,因此上不怕何新乱咬乱攀。我母亲我女儿和我一样大胆。贼中国,要技术,任你开放市场,任你购买美元,你就是再吃转基因再少生子孙,我的技术也到不了你手边。


Bush: God told me to invade Iraq and set fire there. I just try to be who God meant me to be.

Clinton and Obama: We 2 in Libya.

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