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Tomb Sweeping Day 2011 - Commemorate the Common Ancestor of Han

7 April 2011

三月三, 祭轩辕



On the Tomb Sweeping Day 2011, which also coincided with Lunar March 3 - Yellow Emperor's birth day - this year, ten thousand Chinese from all over the world gathered at Xinzhen in Henan (河南新郑), Yellow Emperor's hometown, to commemorate the common ancestor of Chinese Nation, the Han. (Photos by 新华社记者 赵鹏)


New generation of Yellow Emperor's descendants pay tribute to their great ancestor.


This is a statue of the founding father of Chinese nation who lay down the blueprint for Chinese civilization that is based on the universal value of humanity: the mutual respect, co-existence and cooperation between men, between man and his state and between the people and the cosmic force. It is these principles of great humanity and the respect for all beings in the universe that make the Chinese culture different from the wolf-worship culture of Tartars (of the Mongols and the Manchurians) in the north and the militant Japanese culture in the east.

And it is also that sets Chinese civilisation world apart from the Jungle Law-Worship culture of the West.


Look, like this, like this, ah- Chinese, I'm coming after you, watch out!


Hillary Clinton is teaching Barack Obama how to be a beast of prey with vivid animation and great sound effect; Barack Obama presents himself as her keen disciple.

Some Chinese have also enrolled in Clinton's training course "How to Become a Beast of Prey in Jungle":


A Chinese criminal psychologist defends a brutal killer: Killing his injured victim by stabling her 8 times was a spontaneous act, which was prompted by his costumed finger movement.


A few months ago a music student in Xi'an, Shanxi province, knocked down the mother of a two-year old and tried to flee the scene when found the victim was noting down the number on the plate of his car. He swiftly produced a knife he illegally took with him, returned to his victim and stabbed the injured 8 times. The young mother died.

The case seems to be pretty straightforward with nothing to debate about, but China's central television station bothered to invite a criminal psychologist to explain to her audience that the killer was merely repeating his habitual finger movement when he struck his victim with knife - he thought he was striking the keys on piano.

It is just one of a number of programs running by this state-founded and ad-ridden tv station, dominated by a politically ambitious gang of Manchurians and Mongols, that has a passion for consistently promoting Mongol's wolf-worship mentality and defending Manchurians' genocidal campaign against Han Chinese, which has contributed hugely to the course of bringing China's moral standard from Confucius' humanitarian height down to Tartar's animal fighting abyss.

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盘据在文化界和央视的满蒙集团一直在孜孜不倦地公然颠覆华夏文明的道德底线, 却还时不时倒打一耙,向华夏文明吐唾沫。

央视《新闻1+1》白岩松: “祭祀黄帝,那鉄木真怎么办?”

央视《新闻1+1》白岩松: “从抄手术刀到抄家伙.”

央视《新闻1+1》专题: “药家鑫:从撞人到杀人.”




"我们的民族有几千的的历史,但同时,他又不够成熟,更准确的说既无成熟的民族人格与智慧,民族的血液里仍然流淌着愚昧,野蛮,原始的冲动和欲望,中国,离真正的大国,还有很远。" [“我们的民族”指的是华夏还是蒙元?指蒙元,说对了,但没有几千年的历史;指华夏,你白岩松没这个代表资格,你也显然不懂这个文明 - Multipletext]



赤侠 (













白先生看不见倭寇参拜鬼社,修改教课书,意图侵占我钓鱼岛...?反到是我们中国人纠缠过去?... 可悲滴是居然还坐在CCAV...


敢问白桑,抗震救灾的“大戏”演得怎么样了?[白曾称汶川救灾是一场大戏 - Multipletext]


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