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Professor Zhang's Interpretation of China Path

25 April 2011

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Wu Bangguo, China's top legislator (the Standing Committee Chairman) declared lately that China rejects American-style phony democracy and privatisation system, which means China will return to Mao's socialist path, a great political, economical and social reform that strives to defend China's unity and independence, achieve mass democracy and get rich together.


This is a 3-hour video of Mr. Zhang Hongliang's presentation recorded on April 9, 2011 at Utopia Bookstore (乌有之乡书社), hosted by Utopia (, China's leading left-wing website, and Dianshi Military College (点石军校). Zhang is a Beijing professor and one of the most influential spokesmen for China's growing number of left intellectuals and patriotic students. We believe that if Australian PM Ms Julia Gillard has a plan to give a speech at a Beijing university, this presentation may help her to better comprehend her subject and understand her audience, thus she will not repeat the same mistake made by her predecessor who brought disgrace on his own head by publicly offending his host and audience.

The presentation is conducted in Chinese, but it shouldn't be a problem, we believe, since there are plenty of Aussie PMs taking Mandarin lessons in the past and at the present, and one current minister can even deliver a Chinese presentation (albeit being an offensive one, since it is equivalent of having President Hu Jintao to travel to Vatican yesterday rebuking the tale of Jesus' Resurrection or arrive in Canberra today slamming Anzac spirit. The national unity and sovereignty are the faith of Chinese for over two thousand years, long before the birth of Jesus and the death at Gallipoli. Anyone who wishes to gain respect from majority of Chinese people should learn to respect their faith first.)

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