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Fart Guy Waiter
As the Driver

25 April 2011

Boy, am I the driver? How come the engine doesn't move?

Because you're on the wrong position, baby. Why you try to direct the train from an outsider's perspective?

Because I haven't got my nappy to cover my ass -

Now I remember you - you are that Fart Guy Waiter.

I do wait but don't fart.

Yes you fart, and fart a lot. Whenever you drink too much oily milk, you would fart, and whenever you fart, the Earth would shudder.

Do I? Gee, now I remember too. I'm so powerful, am I? You should be fearful of me, very fearful.

We are, all of us, as always.


The Following Is a Piece of Urban Myth Related to China's All Powerful SDRC (State Development and Reform Commission)


April 13, 2010, SDRC raised oil price;
April 13, 2010, the Earth quaked in Qinghai Province of China at scale 7.1.

October 25, 2010, SDRC raised the oil price;
October 25, 2010, the Earth quaked in Sumatra of Indonesia at scale 7.2.

February 20, 2011, SDRC raised oil price;
February 20, 2011, the Earth quaked in Christ Church of New Zealand at scale 6.5.

March 11, 2011, SDRC raised oil price;
March 11, 2011, the Earth quaked in Tohoku of Japan at scale 9.

April 7, 2011, SDRC raised oil price;
April 7, 2011, the Earth quaked in Veracruz of Mexico at scale 6.7 and near Tokyo of Japan at scale 7.4.

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