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30 April 2011

A Red Army soldier could only watch the U.S.-U.K. atrocity in silence.


No matter how outraged he might be.


A granny shook hand with one of three statues displaying on the International Azalea Festival at Mt. Jingang, Jiangxi Province, on April 15, 2011. "I know you are real man of flesh and blood. Please stop pretending to be a statue. Go to real world to hold up justice," urged she.


The statue dropped his pretence: "Yeah, you are right, ma'am. I'm neither statue nor soldier, but a performing artist, so don't expect too much of me." The artist washed his throat with Jinggang Jade (井冈碧玉), a local brand green tea.

(Source of photos: 刘占昆,


A foreign visitor wiped sweats off the face a human figure outside Guangzhou Trade Fairs, Guangdong Province. "I know you are a real man with flesh and blood, ''cause you sweat a lot. Please stop pretending to be a statue," admonished he.

There was no response from the figure, even though it is neither a statue nor a performing artist but a military police officer.

照葫芦画瓢 (


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普世价值的老巢英国的封建残余昨日借婚庆之际大搞迷信活动, 这让那些一心向往西方民主痛恨封建中国的中国人情何以堪?

Bishop of London Richard Chartres's royal wedding sermon began with the following message:

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."



Somebody set London on fire last month. The arsonists were not the newly wed royal couple but the workers demanding revolution.


Remnants of Revolution in London doing God's work.

No wonder U.S.-U.K. can scare the hell out of the people in the world and make them dare not speak against Bush-Blair Obama-Cameron's imperial wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, because there are too many dregs of feudalism and remnants of revolution there.

U.S. college students' audio declaration: Only Socialism can save America!

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