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Yang Hengjun - Is He a Dementia Sufferer

5 April 2011

In the recent interview with an Australian newspaper, Yang Hengjun, a China-born identity who played the leading role in a drama about quantum shift (i.e. suddenly disappear then suddenly re-appear without a logical reason), claimed that the support he received (for his quantum show) from Australia "has taught him lessons about citizenship and democracy."

This we would like to believe. No doubt at all, he must have learned a hard lesson about his own citizenship.

Here is a lecture delivered by Michael Danby, an Australian Federal Labor backbencher, through government-funded and ad-free broadcaster ABC:

"He (Yang) is an Australian citizen. We're getting a bit sick and tired in this country of Australian citizens being arrested by the Chinese state ... it's very contemptuous and it's actually provocative."

Apparently this was the first time Yang ever learned that he was an Aussie national, despite he gave up his Chinese citizenship nine years ago when he swore an oath of allegiance to Australia. He didn't seem to remember what he did back in 2002, which must be why he specified his nationality on his Chinese language blog as "中国公民 (Chinese citizen)".

Does this guy suffer from brain damage that caused him to lose a big chunk of memory? Or he is simply a LIAR?

With regard to his quantum shift in China, he has this to say to Aussie media, "I've been sick, nothing else, and my phone battery was dead for two days so I could not contact my family. I'm very sorry about stirring up so much trouble in both countries."

However, he forgot to mention one crucial fact to the media that he called his "blog administrator" before his disappearance and told him that he was followed by secret police, which is how the news about his alleged abduction (self-staged?) became known to the world.

As for that dead battery urban fantasy, set in modern metropolitan Guangzhou with a time span of nearly two days, it can only be taken as a bedside story for kids under 11. And it is deadly unprofessional that he, a supposed professional novelist, tries to sell it as a key plot in his latest adult fiction.

But there is one mission he did have accomplished skillfully that is of "stirring up so much trouble in both countries," for which he deserves congratulations.

Finally, we would like to remind MP Danby that many Aussies do get a bit sick and tired of Chinese citizens, along with those from other regions in the world, being arrested in Australia by the Australian state for violating Australian passport laws. Please go to Villawood detention centre in Yang's residential city to see for yourself how many Chinese citizens have been locked up there - "it's very contemptuous and it's actually provocative." Indeed. Don't forget to tell this to your Labor comrade Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister, so Australia's rulers can learn a few things from the drama performed by Quantum Shifter Yang.

We hope Chinese government would also learn a few wise lessons from its Aussie counterpart and would keep bringing law-breakers to face justice, regardless of their nationalities. 1.3 billion people with 5000 year-old civilisation must not be held to ransom by 400 million with 400 years of slave-trading record, let alone by 20 million with 200 years of colonial history.

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Shi-ming Fang was branded by his U.S. masters as the integrity-watchdog for Chinese scientific community, but he himself has now been exposed by Chinese media as being more fraud than most of "fraud" characters he allegedly disclosed. Apart from the plagiarism allegations surrounded his popular science articles, his passport and true nationality are now also the targets of fraud buster.

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