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Why the West Failed the Colour Revolution in China
Just Look at Their Top(less plus bottomless)gun Ai Weiwei

9 April 2011

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Is Ai Weiwei an Artist?

It is those cunning alien individuals who labeled Ai Weiwei artist, which was then echoed by some West-worship folks in China. But he knows nothings about art except taking off his own clothes and that of his women's in public. His existence as an artist is sustained through cursing his country and through plagiarism, and through the financial support from his masters in the West.

China's Top Exhibitionist

Main point of the post: The medical studies show that personality flaws and family dysfunction are big contributing factors in the development of Exhibitionism.

The emergence of Internet gives rise to a new breed of Exhibitionists, and the No. 1 online flesher is Ai Weiwei.

Ai Weiwei's typical artwork


This f..k monster, I feel sorry for his father. That's way far below the level of minimum human decency.


How mentally distorted this guy must be.

Chinese in Britain Accuse Ai Weiwei of Preying on Quake Victims:

Main point of the post: What Ai Weiwei has done since 2008 is purely motivated by his political agenda.

Looking back, the young students tragically perished in the earthquake have become his pawns in his political games, and he tread on their dead bodies to reach a dazzling height of international fame, which is truly immoral and repulsive.

He is not simply a hypocrite, but in effect a perpetrator who consumed the pain of tortured souls of the surviving family members of the quake victims.

When his real face was exposed by Mr Gao, Ai Weiwei's fans, the believers of the universal values of neo-Nazi, threatened the author by saying "you wait, we'll kill your entire family once China becomes a democratic country."

Relying on this bunch of thugs to achieve freedom and democracy? I beg your pardon! No matter how many wonderful tags stuck on Ai Weiwei by the media and his gang, I do not buy it, judging from what he has said and has done in all these years.


All that he has done are mere for public attention. Let's just boycott him.


There will always be some people who love to grab eyeballs by saying something that is in defiance of basic moral standards. I feel sorry for the word "democracy" - it has been abused by this man.

Ai Weiwei, A Traitor

Lately German media kept interviewing Mao Yushi, Ai Weiwei, Hu Xingming and etc., all have a hand that signed that subversive 08 Charter. The objective of Doytch Voice is clear, which is to support the colour revolution in China with the goal to force the CCP government to step down and install a puppet regime to serve their interest in China, as they had tried to achieve during the Manchu era. When we saw the true face of those who signed the document, we realised in no time the true nature of the Charter. All overseas Chinese who cherish the land of their ancestors will naturally come to curse these traitors, including Ai Weiwei, and wish them to go to hell and stay their forever.

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