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Why the West Failed the Colour Revolution in China
Just Look at Their Top(less plus bottomless)gun Ai Weiwei

9 April 2011

Ai Weiwei Is Strongly Condemned by Chinese Netizens

Main point of the post: An online ID recently posted a long article titled Who Are Scared of Ai Weiwei, which praises Ai's work on promoting "human rights" after Sichuan earthquake and denounces Chengdu police's handling of his provocative challenge during the crucial rescue period. Yet the article attracted no cheers but strong negative responses that regard Ai Weiwei as a heartless man profiting from the blood of the quake victims.

Admin: Ai Weiwei's another famous quote is "my objective is of finding more bodies of the dead students not saving more lives of the trapped kids (我的目标是数出更多的学生的尸体,而不是救出更多活的学生的生命!)" During Sichuan earthquake he refused to help victims by joining rescue team or donating blood or goods, but used the CIA associated foundation's money to do so-called investigation, demanding the local governments to halt their releave tasks to answer his questions first - this is clearly a man completely devoid of any basic human conscience and decency.

luiii: I'm scared of Ai Weiwei. He doesn't seem to be mentally sound.

陈王钺: Police has been too kind to him. This guy deserves to be dealt with much more harshly.


If he were facing Nationalist Government [the one now rules Taiwan] or U.S. authority, he could be shot dead long time ago without a chance to serve as an internal agent for subversive forces from overseas. Did he never hear the story about Wen Yiduo [a left leaning scholar killed by the Nationalist Government] and Martin Luther King? Can this jerk ever find a country that would tolerate his open activity supported by foreign powers aiming at subverting the government?


I just learned from Ai Weiwei that traffic camera is the symbol of dictatorship.


I wish he would go to Japan to investigate their government's appalling record on their rescue job [Yeah, there must be mounting evidences of human rights issues in regard to the treatment of quake and tsunami victims, and the responses over nuclear power plant crisis.]


Anyone who has common sense will know all human societies have to face certain challenges one way or other. Even in Ai Weiwei's ideal Western world, that claims to own the copyright in "TRUTH", there are plenty of problems, in the U.S., Britain, France and Germany. How long Ai Weiwei is gonna lie to Chinese about the true nature of the West [Unreasonable question. How on earth this 吃货 would ever be able to know the true nature of the West let along to tell Chinese? - Admin]? Does he think he is the only Chinese with a chance to travel to or live in the West? [Again, an irrelevant question. Living in the West doesn't necessarily lead to the understanding of the "true nature" of the West; the same can be said for those living in China - Admin]

This guy likes to present himself as the representative of truth and the secretary to Jesus, but do you really think his intention is to solve any problems? Only a fool would believe this. All he's done is to coordinate with the external forces to bring down the current government and to turn China into his masters' colony in the names of human rights and universal love.


Ai Weiwei is a scum bag trying to pass off as an artist, ha, give me a break. For decades he achieved nothing in arts, so he found a shortcut, which is to pay for some foreign journalists to promote his real life drama to some audience in China ignorant about the world outside, using earthquake disaster to obtain fame without doing anything that is positive and helpful to the victims.

Those foreign journalists who have the guts to portray such a scoundrel as hero must reckon all Chinese are as low in IQ as they are.


The author of the post has said well, and it is the real voice of China's young generation born in 80s and 90s. Chinese people are not that easy to be fooled.


Good job. Folks like Ai Weiwei do not deserve respect.

Ai Qing [Ai Weiwei's patriotic poet father]: I love this land; why my eyes are constantly wet? Because my son is wretched who destroyed what I have achieved.

[Ai Qing's poem: Why my eyes are constantly web? Because I passionately love this land - Admin]


What are you going to say?


He's nothing but a garbage.


Ai Weiwei isn't good enough in his profession, no wonder he would think of other ways to grab eyeballs. His brand of freedom and democracy are utter jokes. Hope someone would give him a hard lesson so as to throw him onto a right path as a real artist.

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Ai Weiwei posted before the Tiananmen Gate with abusive English slogan on his bare chest to show his deep contempt towards his own country and his determination to help the West to trash it.


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