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Why the West Failed the Colour Revolution in China:
Just Look at Their Top(less plus bottomless)gun Ai Weiwei

9 April 2011

As a lifetime flesher, Ai Weiwei has turned indecent exposure in public as his lifestyle, on which he relied heavily for ego boost, despite the act is a serious offence in China and in any other decent country in the world.

The causes of someone becoming an Exhibitionist (flesher) are yet to be determined positively, but the consensus opinions of medical researchers are that some senile and mentally retarded persons are more likely to expose themselves in public, and that the behaviour may also occur as a result of certain brain diseases. Among otherwise healthy human beings, fleshers often seem tied to some psychological conflict or relationship failure, typically among those who are often sexually timid or unsatisfied. Through indecent exposure a flasher provokes dismay, shock, or disgust on others, which gives him some relief from his psychological tension.

While Exhibitionism may not necessarily associate with violent acts, there is no question that it remains an unacceptable public nuisance, which could be destructive and harmful to social order thus warrant criminal punishment.

However, the fleshers rarely seek help on their own accord and would only get professional aid when their behaviour land them in legal trouble. Fortunately, the Chinese police has decided to provide much needed assistance to Ai Weiwei by offering him free accommodation behind bars, thus the risk of him to re-offend the public has been greatly reduced. Hopefully they will also find good mental health professionals to help him address his psychological problems, which will not only benefit the community at large, but his family, including his late father who he brought so much shame on and his mother who is rapidly losing her moral judgment. So far the poor old lady hasn't realised how low her son has sunk - she still thinks he is quite humane ("我的儿子是有人性的人"). She must be fooled by those German journalists - it is very inhumane to lie to a mother, no matter how unworthy her son might be. If only she knew what the Final Solution meant and what their countrymen did in Afghanistan lately.

Here are some screen clips from, a Chinese language website administrated in the United States and commonly viewed as having a strong pro-West and anti-Chinese government stance. If even these people have failed to show support for Ai Weiwei, imagine how unpopular he must be among Chinese. The Western crusaders from Germany, U.S. Britain and France would appoint this guy to sell their toxic colour flowers in China, no wonder their business is in bad shape, and one of them was almost shut down by its invisible boss.

Ai Weiwei - A Running Dog of the West and a Traitor of China

Main point in the post: Anyone as wretched as Ai Weiwei would certainly be taken away by police in no time for anti-social offence of indecent exposure. But this jerk got away for so long, all because he is Ai Weiwei, an artist backed by the Western powers. This speaks of the injustice in our society and reflects the low moral standards of this age.

His art is rather destructive which typically involves new bicycles to be dismantled, a large quantity of benches and tables to be destroyed, tons of cloths to be torn into pieced to make maps, or 2,000 workers worked for two years to bake ceramic seeds. The highlight of his performance art is to smash an artwork allegedly with over 2000 years of history.

But what helped him to gain international fame in the West is his vicious insult to and reckless attack of his own country and is the great effort he made to incite social discord. One of his major artworks is titled "F..k My Motherland", which speaks volumes.

His famous quotes include "a person who does not attack China can not be considered as a human. (不反华那还是人吗?)"

Why We Tolerate Ai Weiwei's Anti-Social Behaviour?

Main point in the post: Ai Weiwei is a man gained his fame through verbal abuse of his own country, of the government and of his fellow citizens, for which he won support from BBC, CNN and NYT, the major anti-China media outlets ... Simply put, Ai Weiwei is part of their grand anti-China masterplan.

When asked by Deutsch Voice why ordinary Chinese pay little attention to Tibetan issue, he replied: China doesn't have a tradition of compassion for the weak and injured, who in fact have no place in the community, while the West is a different world, where people spontaneously stand by those who are in need and who are defenceless.

Wish the Westerners, especially Germans, don't blush when hear Ai Weiwei's flattering comment. However, we don't believe the universal karmic force will tolerate people mocking its law in such an offensive fashion.

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Ai Weiwei's artworks are typically based on his own nude body and that of his sexual partners.

Ai Weiwei's artwork

In the name of art - a cult group that is anti-social and betray human decency.

A nude photo of a young Ai Weiwei

Note: The photos have been retouched with Photoshop to avoid being over offensive to some viewers.

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