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GM Promotion in China

16 March 2011

A top(less) GM food promoter


As Chinese taxpayers increasingly reject GM food, China's Deputy Director of Administration Bureau at the Agricultural Science Academy said recently (戴晓枫, 中国农业科学院科技管理局副局长):

"The government should take more taxpayers' money to promote GM food, 'cause if we fail to sway the public opinion in our favour, our opponents will turn it against us. … Other countries have done so in a quite smart way - the government doesn't talk about it openly, but pay the private sectors and citizens to speak out on its behalf. We need to do the same." (“政府应该多拿纳税人的钱作这种宣传和普及,如果不积极宣传、正面引导,东风压不倒西风,西风必然要压倒东风。... 国外做得比较巧妙,政府不直接出面,更多是以市场的、民众的、NGO的声音出现,但都是它(政府)在背后操纵和支持的,我们得好好跟国外学。”)

It makes one wonder how much Chinese "taxpayers' money" have been transferred into Shi-min Fang's bank account for being the No. 1 GM henchman in China who uses blatant lies to trick Chinese "taxpayers" into eating potentially harmful food for the political, academic and financial interest of certain government officials and bio researchers.

But what's truly cynical is that these officials and researchers do not seem to have much faith in the GM food themselves, which is why Zhang Qifa, the chief GM researcher and major Monsanto collaborator in China, refused to try GM rice when demanded by anti-GM groups, and a kindergarten under the administration of the Agriculture Ministry promised the parents, the staff of the ministry, that their food did not contain any GM ingredients.

Clearly these people are fully aware of the risks associated with the GM food while telling the public it is perfectly safe to consume, thus what they've done is more than just a political stunt but a criminal act.


Evolution of GM beings



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