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A Family of Plagiarists

27 March 2011

There is an odd couple in Beijing. The man is labeled by Americans as America's watchdog to keep Chinese honest, and the woman is a journalist working at China's top state-run news agency. Lately, the honesty-watchdog has been exposed as the most dishonest hunting dog, scavenging whatever English articles he could set his sight on to present in Chinese as his own work which were published in a range of Chinese magazines and newspapers, while the woman, who played an interesting role in her husband's campaign against one of her colleagues for the sin of including her family members in her news report, that resulted her being dismissed from her position, is found to have written an report describing Fang, her boyfriend at the time, in an extremely favourable light. But the most incredible incident relates to her master degree thesis, which is determined to be partly copied from Fang's work.

The following presentation prepared by Dr. Yi Ming displays Fang's article and his wife's dissertation that have striking similarities between the two.

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Complete Records on Shi-min Fang's Plagiarism Cases

This encycripedia-style reference has collected all plagiarism offences committed by Shi-min Fang, Dr Zachary Burton's watchdog and Monsanto/Chinese Agricultual Ministry's hired gun on GM crop promotion in China.


To Shi-min Fang

by 吕永岩 (A Chinese writer)



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