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NATO Drops Uranium Bombs in Libya?

29 March 2011

According to, an antiwar website, with the pretence "to protect civilians and their residential areas" (words of British Foreign Secretary William Hague), warplanes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) dropped about 45 bombs with depleted uranium warheads that not only killed a score of civilians but leaves long-term environmental hazard which will severely compromise the health of Libya people, regardless they are against or support the current government.

Depleted uranium is a radioactive substance contained in the black dust that emanates to the atmosphere after the explosion. It can harm the kidneys and cause lung and bone cancers, skin disorders, neuro-cognitive disorders, chromosome damages, immunodeficiency syndromes and strange kidney and intestinal diseases.

David Wilson, an expert of the Stop the War Coalition in Britain, recalled attacks against Baghdad, after which radiation levels exceeded between 1,000 and 1,900 times normal levels in residential areas, and indicated this time the enormous bombs, of about 907 kg each, and the missiles contained the highly harmful radioactive mineral were launched from allied ships toward the land of Libya. (More details at

If the observations by Wilson is accurate, then what is the West's real agenda behind Libya air strikes? Protecting lives or executing a genocide?

The conclusion might not be that difficult to draw, since the original sins of Libyans have committed are horrendous in the eye of the Christian crusaders from the West: being Muslims, living in a land rich with oil resource, refusing to make themselves reliable lap dogs of the Western masters …. Any of those could warrant for a final solution ...

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A hand of a Libya kid who was killed by Anglo-France Christian Crusaders when they air struck her homeland.

A kiss on the image of the legitimate national leader from a Libyan determined to defend his country and fight against the returned colonists from the West.

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