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Dr. Xiao vs Shi-min Fang

22 March 2011

Chinese are elated for the release of Dr. Xiao Chuanguo on March 17, 2011, who was tricked into a trap by GM henchman Shi-min Fang. They express their best wishes online for Dr Xiao to gain greater success in his revolutionary Xiao Procedure and look forward to the day when Fang the Con and his gang are brought to justice.

The following diagram produced by China's No.1 fraud buster Yi Ming outlines the battles between a world renowned doctor (Xiao Chuanguo) and a GM corp's commission-based salesman (Shi-min Fang):

2001: Dr. Xiao reported Fang's plagiarism to Science Magazine that published Fang's article.

2001-2005: Fang discovered it was Dr. Xiao who reported his plagiarism and began to take revenge against Dr. Xiao by smearing his professional reputation.

2005: Dr. Xiao sued Fang for defamation in a Wuhan court.

2006: Fang was found guilty of libel and fined 30,000 yuans for damaging Dr. Xiao's professional reputation.

2006-2009: Fang refused to obey the court order. Eventually, the money was forcibly transferred into Dr. Xiao's bank account from Fang's wife's account by Wuhan court.

2009: Fang in collusion with an ethically questionable media Science News to attack Dr. Xiao by way of character assassination.

2009-2010: Fang expanded his defamation campaign against Dr Xiao to the United States.

2010: Alleged hammer attack against Fang occurred.

2010-2011: Fang was almost honoured as one of "Men of Year who Touched the Heart of Chinese People" by some suspicious elements at China's Central Television Station.

February 2011: Fang's checkered history of plagiarism was exposed.

2011: Fang collected money from his foundation registered in the United States to help his further battle with Dr. Xiao.

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