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What Chinese Say about Foreign Journalists

3 March 2011 is the website that first published the video on American Ambassador’s Jasmine affair in Beijing. When the news broke regarding the Ambassador’s further challenge of Chinese laws and some foreign journalists' brutal challenge of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswomen Jiang Yu at a press conference, Anti-cnners responded with flood of posts. The following are some of them:



Where are the photos that prove they were bashed by police? What did they carry their cameras around for?



If journalists prefer not to respect other people, they ought to prepare to bear the consequence.

凌剑 (离线)


Journalists should comply with the laws of the country, this is a basic principle. Order is more important than freedom.



They are soooo full of beans. I would like to remind them, if they wanna be wolfs, Chinese will have to greet them with guns.



Those journalists come to Chinese to pick fights, that's all they intend to do. If they were beaten, so be it. If they don’t like it, get out of here. They don’t really need to see it to report it after all; they know how to make up stories.



The collaborators didn’t do their job well, so the masters have to play the game themselves.



These foreign journalists seem to be rather professional towards their task, despite they hold difference views.



I don't think so. Judging by the way they questioned Jiang Yu, I find they are bad mannered and lack professional ethics. How dare these people would think they have right not to abide by the local laws.



These bugs like to get above themselves. If they congregate on New York's Time Square with their heavy equipments and refuse to disperse when ordered by police, the consequence won’t be as simple as being taken to police station for questioning.


在咱们国家耍流氓, 还胆敢要求政府配合, 没了王法了都, 以为天朝就以前的清政府啊. 够霸道的. 记者的毛病都是惯出来的.

What thugs they are, demanding a foreign government to cooperate with them. Outrageous. Do they reckon China is still ruled by Manchurians? We’ve been too nice to them so they start to believe they are all VIPs.



According to my personal experience in 1989, there are a lot of rascals among the foreign journalists.


他们在美国个个老实的很. 他们是打心底就没把中国没把中国的法律放眼里.

I bet they are all well behaved in American. They just don’t feel they need to do the same here.


西方人的人权就和他们对宠物的态度一样虚伪 一面让你看到他们让宠物在自己怀里撒欢 一面又给宠物做节育,剥夺其生灵的权利.

Western attitude towards human rights is just like the way they treat their pets. They like to show you how happy their pets are in their arms, but behind the scene they castrate them, depriving their reproductive rights.


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