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British Attack

27 March 2011

On Saturday, March 28, 2011, the British authority cracked down on anti-government protesters, with 84 members of the public injured and 214 protesters arrested, prompting a cosmic outcry that demands the violence to stop.

The rally was organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and attended by a quarter million people. Many families with children were among the protesters. Recently, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government introduced harsh public spending cuts which hurts workers' rights and undermines the rights for keeping standard living.


During the rally, several hundred protesters clad in black and covering their faces with scarves hurled fireworks and petrol bombs, and smashed shops windows, while others lit a bonfire at Oxford Circus, in the heart of the shopping district.

Witnesses in the capital London report clashes between over-active pro-democracy protesters and military police force loyal to British leader David Cameron.


Commander Bob Broadhurst, who led the police operation crackdown, condemned the protesters. "I wouldn't call them protesters. They are engaging in criminal activities for their own ends," said he.

Despite the crackdown, the anti-government forces were once in control of several places, including luxury department store Fortnum & Mason in the shopping district.


"We ask the international community to take the necessary steps to help British workers and to protect British people's freedom to protest in a visually vibrate and physically dynamic fashion," a spokesman from dissident UK Uncut allegedly claimed.

The U.N.'s Acting Secretary-General U Thant believed to have urged all parties to the conflict to accept an immediate peace and abide by Security Council resolution 1970. The statement is said to note that the Acting Secretary-General remains closely abreast of the situation in Britain.

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British Attacked

A report from an unreliable source claims that an application by the AF-BBC (Argentina F*ck British Broadcast Centre) for Chinese government funding to help combat biased media coverage in countries like Britain, America and France has met with a furious response in China.

Some figures within Chinese broadcasters such as CCTV are said to be "deeply angry" that, at a time when the State Council is embroiled in a delicate budgetary standoff with the Culture Ministry, the AF-BBC is hoping to receive Chinese tax yuans.

Li Changchun, who leads the Chinese organisation to monitor the West's anti-humanity activities, allegedly said: "To clarify the situation, earlier this month the AF-BBC, along with many other organisations, including Anti-CNN, Jinbushe, Utopia and Globaltimes, was invited to submit a proposal for funding in the area of Media Truth and Freedom in West to the State Council."

It is rumoured that when people in BBC learned the news that Argentineans apply fund to f*ck them, they were outraged. But it is confirmed that outraged BBC has already filed application for US government funding to help combat sexual harassment from Argentina, and China (Why China? Wonder. China never tries to f*ck BBC. BBC managers must have suffered from persecution paranoia). However its movement also met with a furious response in the United States.

VOA (Voice of Anti-China) is said to be in "towering rage" that, at a time when the Congress is embroiled in a delicate budgetary standoff with the Obama administration, the BBC is hoping to receive US tax dollars.

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