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Do You Know Why
Anglo-French Christian Crusaders
Wage the War Against Arab Muslims?

22 March 2011

Here is why (see the video above and the pictures below): Col. Gaddafi ordered Libya police, most of them from black Africa, to crackdown white squatters and illegal French migrants in a most brutal manner, which resulted many injuries and caused huge protest, condemning Libya government's racist and xenophobic approach. In one incident, black Muslim police officers dragged an unconscious pregnant white Christian woman away and in another instance they used force to separated a mother from her baby (also pure white).

Two victims of abuse

A victim and his killer

The gruesome photo image on the right shows a grinning Afghan soldier posing before camera with the blood smeared body of an American farmer who was among a number of American civilians slaughtered by the Muslim troops invaded the United States.

What's even more outrageous is that the death of the innocent people are the result of a fun game called "kill for sport" played by the members of 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Kabul (part of Washington DC), who randomly targeted Americans walking around in their neighbourhood and killed them with grenades and guns to find out who would be the best butcher.

The pictures bring to mind those of the torture and humiliation of Americans at the hands of Iraqi troops at the Guantanamo Bay prison. More at

Shut up! Don't move! I'm here to bring you democracy and freedom.

A West Christian reported to police, "Some Muslin terrorists threaten to throw me out of the house."

“That’s terrible,” said the police. “Why do they want to throw you out of the house, sir?”

“They say that’s their house and do not want me to stay there.”

“That’s fair enough,” said the police. “How did you get there in the first place?”

“I broke in through the window.”

“You’ve broken the law, sir.”

“I just tried to hold up justice by preventing the father from abusing his son.”

“So you’ve rescued the son?”

“I’ve killed both the father and the son, just to make sure the father would never be able to abuse the son again, and the son will never be abused by anyone else."

Hard facts about Middle East:

  • Libya has a Human Development Index which is the highest among all African countries and on the same level with the developed nations in the Europe. Libya also has large oil deposit and militant anti-government forces with heavy firearms supplied by Washington; worse still its leader has been an unrealisable ally of the West while agreed years ago to disarm its WMD, as the reward the West sends spectacular missiles as substitute for fireworks to entertain him (Bloody lesson 啊! When the beasts are roaming around, how can you let down your weapons!).

  • A score of Bahrain protesters were gunned down by the police of the King Al Khalifa, which is the same day when the Anglo-French coalition launched over a hundred missiles aiming at destroying Libyan government at the moment that the militant opposition force was nearly quashed and the order was about to return to the country. Hilary did not demand Bahrain king to step down, nor did she urge to bomb its capital. Instead, she warmed the opposition force that the violent demonstration is unacceptable.

  • Today in Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president for 32 years, was massacring protesters. Obama offered sweet lip service by gently calling for keeping "restrained".

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Why Moammar Gaddafi's president residence deserves to be targeted in air strike by the aliens from the West?

Because his people say no to him and believe he can't continue to be their leader (see the picture below):

Pro-democracy protesters in Paris ... More details at

A comment from the reader which shows how racist Libya people and other coloured people are:


The French are practising a little bit of ethnic cleansing, what's wrong with that?. Come on Germany, Austria why don't you show the same courage and follow the French. You know you want to. Those superior dormant genes are aching to be scratched, great union of nations marching to the sounds of the jackboot in unison. A free Europe, free of anything not pure or white. Happy days are almost here.



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