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Traitors' Jasmine Affairs

22 February 2011


- 茉莉花谢了枫叶红了。我已经武装到了头顶,时刻准备为枫叶革命而奔忙。

- 小王八丹阿,别整天捣鼓花花叶叶了,你还露着菊花呢。你要是每星期都在大妓院裸奔,你不是枫叶,是疯子。

Wang: I'm ready for Maple Revolution! Look at me, I'm a warrior and have already put on my helmet cover.

NED: But you're yet to cover your ass, baby!

Wang: OMG, indeed, I must be nuts ...

NED: No, we are nuts. Please return US$380,000 that we invested on your jasmine business.

A fake sense of security - call a wrong place home like what Chinese foreign collaborators are doing

A cliff climber takes refuge in a tent hung from the cliff face.

A bird watches the birds of same feather being barbecued

A lesson for all NED sponsored Chinese collaborators.



Two Chinese police stand on a makeshift platform over a deep crevasse directing the traffic in a treacherous section of mountain road in Hunan Province (湖南省吉首市矮寨) to keep the commuters safe

If they can stand on this, they must be able to stand before anything!

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Citing ‘Threats,’
Pentagon Poised to Unveil Largest Budget in History

"Nothing can penetrate the walls of the Pentagon, certainly not the news that the budget deficit is growing and Congress is looking for ways to save money. That is the lesson today as it was revealed that the Pentagon is poised to unveil a new $553 billion budget."

"$553 billion, not including the inevitable “emergency funding” bill that will come later in the year, is already the largest budget in the entire history of the US military and, by extension, the entire history of the planet."

This is how Pentagon and CIA and those before and beside and behind them get the world to grow their GM jasmine rice.

A dangerous game

A reckless ambassador and an audacious secretory of state will bring America to a dead end. If American people fail to wake up and change its path, they will eventually find they have no where else to go except to take a great leap downward into a bottomless abyss.


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