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A 90-year Old Grand Master of Chinese Medicine

18 February 2011

It is known among Chinese that if you want to live a long and, more importantly, healthy life, you may consider to choose a career from one of the following three professions: Beijing Opera singer, Chinese Calligrapher or Chinese Medicine doctor … … plus to keep a stable and loving family life.

Dr. Lu Zhizheng (路志正) is the one who made a wise decision at age 14. After 6 years of strict training, in the next 70 years he has kept practicing Chinese Medicine and kept being faithful to one woman, his wife two years his senior.

No one can keep tracking how many people Dr Lu has helped and how many lives Dr Lu has saved, among them there were former British PM Tony Blair whom Dr Lu determined the status of his health and destiny through face reading, the wife of Mozambique President whom Dr Lu diagnosed the course of her illness by checking her pulse, and a steelworker with his entire body burned by scorching liquid spilled out of the container who recovered just after 18 days by taking Dr Lu's medicine which normally cost only a tiny portion of the price for the conventional Western medicine.

On his 90th birthday celebration taken place recently in the Great Hall of People in Beijing, he received the highest honour granted to TCM doctor: Grand Master of Chinese Medicine (国医大师).

By now, Dr. Lu keeps reading pulse and face of his patients at Beijing's Guang'anmen Chinese Medicine Hospital (广安门中医院) in the extremely advanced age of 90s, 5 days a week, and keeps amazing other doctors when doing annual health check for possessing a heart of a 40-year old and a memory superior to those decades younger than him.

(Source of info/photo: 崔红-北京晨报)

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