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GM Plot in China

26 February 2011

The following is English translation of a post by ttkxhz521 appeared early last year on We don't know if or to what extend the allegations made in the post are factual, but since the claims are extremely serous in nature, we believe they warrant thorough investigation by all affected parties in China and in the United States:


In Chinese New Year Festival, at a diner party I met a man from the GM decision making circle in Agricultural Ministry. During the conversation he revealed that Bai Jinming, Director of Science and Education Department in the ministry is the key figure behind the whole saga. He is an ambitious man, and once claimed that he wants to accomplish a great mission that will be remembered throughout history. He fooled the Minister and the Premier (Because they are not the people to handle the details). All major GM projects are set up under his direct command, and now there are over a thousand people working on them in China. Often he would release several hundred programs in one go, many of them are rather bizarre, like GM mad cow, GM bird flu, GM chemical fertilizer, you name it. No one knows just exactly how these people spend billions of yuans of public fund on GM research. He dares not to reveal the actual figures, hidden behind the excuse of national security interest.

In September 2009, Bai Jinming solicited Sun, the Minister for Agricultural at the time, to take a business trip to the United States (Sun's child was studying there ). Monsanto considered this a heaven-sent opportunity and bribed Bai to get the Minister to agree to be picked up at the airport by Monsanto's car and stay at Monsanto's headquarters where luxury accommodation was provided. Bai received payment and did what he was told.

If you check the official website of Agricultural Ministry, you'll be able to find the connections between the earlier visit and the GM decision made months later.

#1. September 24, 2009, "The Agriculture Minister Sun Zhencai met with his American counterpart", "Deputy Chief of Mission Xie Feng and Director of Science and Education Department Bai Jinming … were presented in the meeting."

#2, September 22, 2009, "Deputy Minister Niu Dun met with Monsanto's Deputy CEO …", "to vigorously implement the agreement between Minister Sun Zhengcai and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant."

Bai is a cunning man, and knows how to find the right moment to push on course: by then Sun was about to leave his ministerial portfolio for his new appointment in Jilin Province while incoming minister Han was yet to swear in.

According to that inside source, Bai Jinming is well known in the ministry for his accomplished art of flattering. He likes to boast that "I have over 10 billion yuans of fund under my control." When he oversaw tender process to appoint suppliers for materials for construction of natural gas, he forged a close bond with the contractors and made a secret deals with the local administration, which enabled him to channel the fund into his newly established private gas company. There are so many problems with the gas projects; last year a huge blunder in Helingjiang Province was leaked online, but he managed to suppress the criticism.

The GM rice approval, in his own words, is a covered action. When the doubts were raised in the community questioning the deals made behind the closed door, he had no guts to respond, fearing it could expose his misconduct and other sinister deeds. Hence he ordered those who wanted to get projects from him to overwhelm the online forums with floods of posts so as to bury deep the challenging messages. He made it clean that only those who actively defend the GM decision would get money for their projects, while those who fail to do so would be taken as opposing government policy thus receive no funding at all.

When GM affair is in the charge of people like Bai Jinming, what the outcome can it be expected? What's worst is that he has provided funds to over a thousand individuals who bribed their way into contract awards, and before long we may see rice, cotton, corn, wheat, pigs, cows, sheep and chicken all have genetically modified genes.

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The following is an open letter by Mr. Zhao Hua (赵华), an author based in Shanghai, addressed to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, urging him to investigate a serious bribery and corruption allegations appeared online against Director of Science and Education Department in Agriculture Ministry, Bai Jinming.

温家宝: "今天到这裡来同大家交流,主要是想透过这种形式,了解政府工作还存在哪些问题。请大家不要拘束,把情况实事求是地讲出来。" (1月24日在北京首次会晤上访民众。)

温家宝: "我们的政府是人民的政府,我们的权力是人民赋予的,我们应该为人民谋利益并自觉接受人民的监督。群众满意不满意、高兴不高兴、答应不答应,是衡量政府工作好坏的唯一标准。" (1月25日,温家宝主持召开工人、农民、学生等基层群众代表座谈会)

SR: 转基因,人民不高兴,请用此来衡量政府工作的好坏。(

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