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Ambassador's Jasmine Affairs
Comments on the Video (1)

24 February 2011

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The following are some key comments on YouTube left by viewers of the video footage:



Huntsman, if you really want to be the next president, do something useful, such as helping your party to crack down the protest in Wisconsin. Mucking around the withered jasmines won't get you anywhere.



China must be world's most safe place to live. In which country do you think an U.S. ambassador would dare to be part of a street riot-might-be?



What's the use for the U.S. ambassador to show up on street. The local collaborators are expecting the U.S. troops.


这大使真弱智,这下这丫的政客生涯应该就玩儿完了。土共还是太文明,应该给丫的弱智大使来个误打误杀,别以为这世界上只有老美会误炸中国大使馆,老中也会来个误打误杀丫的弱智大使。嘿嘿 这么弱智的大使以后要小心啦,出门儿别忘了拉着阿姨的手。哈哈哈­哈

Chinese Government is too civil. My opinion, they should let police bash him to death by accident. They think only Americans know how to smash other country's embassy by accident? This ambassador doesn't seem to have a brain; next time please do not forget to hold your nanny's hand when venturing out of your embassy. LOL!



US ambassador joins brainless Falungong cult to pluck jasmine.



This ambassador is indeed an interesting character. On the one hand he did not wish to be recognised by Chinese crowd, so he wore a dark sunglasses; on the other hand he needed to boost local collaborators' morale so he donned a jacket with an U.S. flag. But he was still unsure, so he got his body guards to follow him.



Of course American regime wants to stir trouble in China, so it can bring China to its knees.



Jasmine Revolution? Now you know who are behind all these! They have no conscience at all! Phew, see what I'm talking about here, conscience of American regime - there is never such a thing.

[Note by Admin: This is the most popular comments in the thread but was taken off the front page and replaced with a pro-US comment entered by a Chinese Christian.]



This duduxia008 is fascinating. He said he is from China, but everyone knows you can't gain access to YouTube in China. What is he? A CCP agent?



You can easily jump over the wall, don't tell me you don't know about that? You seriously think there are a lot of people in the mainland wanting to watch the silly stuff produced by "democracy activists"? Okay, you may be tricked into watching once, but that's it. You slaves to foreign masters are not in the position to talk about China problems. You will only mess things up; you are just a bunch of losers ...

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洪博培“打酱油”是阴谋还是“阴谋论” (by e_ddmm,







In an international backdrop where uprising in the Middle East are spreading like wild fire, some posts appeared online with the true identities of the authors murky but the objectives of their calls clear: take to the streets on the same day in all major Chinese cities under an single directive from overseas and cooperated through Internet.

Is this an international conspiracy?

If not, why the author(s) dare not to reveal their background?

If not, how on earth over a hundred foreign journalists would know the incident beforehand and arrived with equipments?

There are more than a hundred foreign ambassadors in Beijing, but only US ambassador emerged in the right place at the right time "by chance", why?

If this "overseas" is not the United States, then which country is it? If this commander is not Jon Huntsman, then who else can he be?

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