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White House in Washington: White Wash Through Mind Control

28 February 2011

During the Cold War, CIA launched a highly classified program aimed at mastering the art of mind control. Young service men were told to take medicine to cure the flu, but in fact it was bio-chemical scientists testing on their bodies with the lethal dose of a mind altering drug for military purpose. The human guinea pigs would fall into sleep for 30 to 40 days; when they woke up they were brain washed and lost most of their memories.

The mind control program was initiated by Nazi Germany that delved into psychology and psychiatry with an eye toward their application to warfare, while Fascist Japan's biowarfare program at Unit 731 in China's northeast region, that was called Manchurian by Japanese, is the foundation of America's bio-chemical warfare research. The chief methods of Japanese doctors were using people for experiments, so are the American bio scientists. Interestingly, CIA code-named its mind control program "Manchurian Candidate".

If CIA could be so cold blooded as to using their own military service men as guinea pigs, imagine what they are capable of doing to people from other nations, like Chinese and Arabs.

Remember what happened to native Indians? Even after American politicians proclaimed their universal value to the world that all men are created by God therefore born equal, the implementation of the plan to drive the rightful owners of the land to extinction continued.





Jacob's Ladder was real and they used soldiers for drug experiments without their knowledge in Vietnam i was there and i was used as a guinea pig but don't believe me believe our government.


Jacob's Ladder is a 1990 dark psychological thriller film about the horrific events a soldier experienced on his final day in Vietnam where an experimental drug called "The Ladder" used on U.S. troops without their knowledge took effect that altered their mind and behaviour. As the result the solders turned on each other and parishes in common ruin.

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